10 Lines on Tumblr

In the modern era of the digital world, the internet is full of many social networking websites to share your clicked photos and videos but what about the people who love to share their ideas and writing with people instead of posting continuous photos. Tumblr is a good platform for such people who are passionate about writing on different topics and creating their own diary of blogs. She/he also has the option to either keep all blogs private for self or public for the people. Tumblr comes with various features for the user all those are discussed in the sets below.

Ten Lines on Tumblr

Set 1

1) Tumblr is a famous social networking website especially used for microblogging.

2) It was founded by famous American web developer David Karp in February of 2007.

3) The application provides the user to post some short blogs created by them.

4) The website was developed by Marco Arment, an American web developer.

5) Tumblr was purchased by Yahoo on 20th June 2013 with $1.1 billion in cash.

6) David Karp was still the CEO of Tumblr after Yahoo had purchased it.

7) Verizon Communication purchased Yahoo in June 2017 and subsequently, Tumblr came under Verizon on the day.

8) After being purchased by Verizon, Tumblr suffered a loss of 30% of users so Verizon decided to sell Tumblr.

9) Tumblr was then purchased by Automattic Inc. on 12th August 2019.

10) Tumblr was the first platform to host the blog of Barack Obama on 21st October 2011.

Another set of 10 lines on Tumblr is created by us for the reader. The set is created with some additional information that can help the reader to gain some more information on the topic. The use of easy language in creating the set will make it useful for the reader of lower classes as well as upper classes too and the reader can easily read and understand all the points. So let’s read the second set for more knowledge.

Set 2

1) Tumblr is owned by a web development corporation named ‘Automattic Inc’.

2) Tumblr is the most preferred blogging platform by the people especially youngsters.

3) Tumblr showed an unbelievable hike of 900% in a number of visitors during 2012-2013.

4) The Headquarter of Tumblr is located in New York City in the United States.

5) Tumblr is available in 18 languages to reach most of the people in the world.

6) Due to pornography and LGBT content, Tumblr is banned in several countries.

7) Tumblr is the best way to share one’s thoughts and stories with people from all over the world.

8) Coincidently the whole of the Tumblr population is about equally divided between men and women.

9) Tumblr can be used from Computer and also from other devices like smartphones, tablets with an internet connection.

10) Tumblr is the most preferred platform for bloggers to get an audience for their work.

Writing or blogging on different topics enhances our knowledge and also gives us a chance to show our talent to the whole world. Tumblr is like a boom for those who love blogging and has proved beneficial for not only men but equally for women also. Tumblr has achieved success very rapidly and with constant improvement, we hope to see its services for a longer period.

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