10 Lines on Search Engine

The use of Internet has made our life much easier than before. Almost every individual, now a day, uses internet to get information about their desired topic. It is very easy, fast and reliable way to get rid of our questions and doubts. We just open a search engine like Google or Yahoo, write down or topic and press OK to get information on our topic but have you ever thought what the word ‘Search Engine’ actually stands for and how it works. Understanding the whole concept of search engine is like learning with fun that we are going to provide you in few sets below.

Ten Lines on Search Engine in English

Here we have provided the first set of 10 lines on Search Engines below.

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10 Lines on Search Engine – Set 1

1) A Search Engine is a tool to locate desired information over World Wide Web.

2) Some examples of popular Search Engines are Google, Yahoo, MSN, Lycos and Bing.

3) The first search engine ‘Archie’ was developed on 10th September 1990 by Alan Emtage.

4) ‘W3Catalog’ was the first primitive search engine developed by ‘Oscar Nierstrasz’ on 2nd September 1993.

5) The first full text search engine ‘WebCrawler’ was launched on 20th April 1994 by Brian Pinkerton.

6) Search Engine works in 3 steps given as Web crawling, indexing and ranking.

7) Search Engine results are based on various factors like content, ranking, solidity, political, economical and social conditions.

8) The process of submitting the website directly to the search engine is called ‘Search Engine Submission’.

9) Search Engine Submission is done to promote the website and improve its ranking.

10) Search engines look for information by visiting different websites, organize them and ranking them according to the quality of the content.

Another set of 10 lines on Search Engine is created by us. The provided set is a combination of some very useful and interesting information on the topic. All the sets are created in easy language to make it meet every need of the reader. The use of simple words will also help the reader to read the set completely without any problem so let’s not waste our time and read the set now.

10 Lines on Search Engine – Set 2

1) Search Engine is a programme that shows us the result from unlimited database stored over Internet.

2) ‘Google’ is the most used search engine with acquiring about 93% market share.

3) Some countries like China, Russia, Japan and Taiwan rely on search engines other than Google.

4) Many search engines use algorithms to guess the taste of user to show results according to the preferences of user.

5) Every search engine has its own formulae of working, different from others in the market.

6) Search engines keeps updating their formulae to provide us the best results on the basis of our search.

7) Search engines don’t rank website but webpage so a webpage can have better ranking than other of the same website.

8) A good ranking over search engine can help the website in gaining quality users and traffic.

9) Search Engines black list websites if they find them defying the terms and regulations.

10) Improving the quality of product and its ranking on search engine is called SEO (Search Engine Optimisation.

Any search engine that you are using to get the result related to your search shows the best result out of data the search engine compiles based on various factors that we have talked about above. If you are running any website and want it to be featured in top ranking on the search engine then work on improving your every single work and try to provide quality product. Using ‘Search Engine Optimization’ can also help you a lot in improving the ranking of your website. Hoping the facts that we have provided would have helped you a lot.

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