10 Lines on Today's Kids vs. 90’s Kids

Time is changing rapidly with the advancement of science and technology. The new technical gadgets made the life of the people easy and full of entertainment. We watch and feel these changes in our daily life. Kids are also affected by these changes. We find many differences in their bringing up and the teachings given by their parents and teachers. That is why a lot of differences can be observed.

When we compare the life of modern kids and children of 90’s we can find a lot of differences. In 90’s computers, TVs, cell phones were not in common and were considered to be expensive. So they were not accessible to everyone. Hence there are several differences between the life of   the past and present kids. Modern kids are different in their playing methods, studies, eating habits, and life style.

Ten Lines on Today’s Kids vs. 90’s Kids in English

Here we are providing you ten important facts about the life of modern kids.

There is a comparison between them and the kids born in 90’s.

You will be able to understand which age is considered to be good and which age is preferably better for them.

In which era their growing up is better and why?

10 Lines on Today’s Kids vs. 90’s Kids - Set 1

1) There is a difference of morality and ethical values between modern kids and the kids of 90’s.

2) Modern kids have their own thoughts from their digital world and are not ready to follow or respect others thoughts, in stark contrast with the kids of 90’s.

3) In present generation kids, selfishness is found and they have no feeling for their relations but past kids have this feeling of love and they made sacrifices for others too.

4) They have a difference of culture. While 90’s kids knew the value of giving respects to elders and guests; many among the modern kids do not.

5) Modern kids are relying on pre- programmed technical gadgets for their entertainment and work and whereas kids of 90’s had not the knowledge, so they had to do it by their own.  

6) They are different in dressing style to hair and shoes. Modern kids (male or female) like to wear diverse outfits prepared by designers.

7) The changes in education policies have made big differences. By the commencement of new syllabus Modern kids have a lot of burden than the 90’s kids.

8) 90’s kids were given punishments by their parents if mistake or stupid things were done. But modern kids are relaxed and growing as rebellions and having troubles even following the simple rules.

9) The modern kids like to eat whatever is of their interest and loves to eat fast food while kids of 90’s had to eat whatever is cooked in the family kitchen.

10) Their entertainment methods are different. Modern kids spend their most of the time in indoor games whereas a kid of 90’s played outdoor games that make them more energetic.

Here we want to present ten simple lines on the differences between Modern kids and 90’s kids. These lines will become helpful for the students for their understanding of the facts as well for their assignments. One can understand the changes occurred as time changes. What are its consequences?

10 Lines on Today’s Kids vs. 90’s Kids - Set 2

1) Today, parents have no time for their kids, as they have to earn more money for their exclusive survival and to meet out their needs, making them introvert.

2) Modern kids have different eating habits. They love to eat fast food or junk food. While 90’s kids had no options hence they often had to depend on the food cooed in kitchen.

3) 90’s kids went to play outdoor game that make them strong whereas modern kids remain at home with electronic gadgets which is leading them towards obesity and ailments in teen age.

4) 90’s kids used to go school by their own means covering the distance between school and home on foot, while modern kids go to school by motorbikes, cars and school buses.

5) 90’s kids completed their assignments manually while modern kids have private tutors and having many smart gadgets to help in their work.

6) Living in a nuclear family modern kids are not much aware of socialization and they only accept their parents and few others. While reared in joint family 90’s kids were more social.

7) 90’s kids had morality and ethical values than modern kids. In 90’s parents wanted to spare their time for their kids and taught some morality and about good and bad behaviour.

8) The tendency of reading books in 90’s kids was more than that of modern kids. 90’s kids had no other options of computer and cell phones. They had solid knowledge.

9) Modern kids pay keen interest on diversity of their dresses while 90’s kids put on normal outfits which give relaxation to their body.

10) Due to excessive burden of schools modern children do not follow a particular routine while 90’s kids were early risers making them energetic and full of strength.

Comparing the lives of Modern kids and kids of 90’s we saw a ranging differences. Both lives have positive and negative aspects. No one can say which one is better. Time is the most powerful. With the change of time the behaviour and action of human being changes. No doubt modern kids are prevailing on much better life due to modern technologies introduced.

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