10 Lines on Today’s Kids vs. 90’s Kids

Childhood is the best memory we ever live in. It leaves us with the moments that become the golden moment of our life. We have created some sets of 10 lines on Today’s Kids vs 90’s Kids. You can read them below in which we have discussed both aspects of life. Reading them will surely fill you with charm and excitement.

Ten Lines on Today’s Kids vs 90’s Kids

Set – 1

1) 90’s kids were healthier and stronger than today’s kids.

2) They were more efficient than the kids today.

3) They had a life without stress while today’s kids stress from very early of their school days.

4) The 90’s kids had more open space to run, play, and grow.

5) They had the advantage of living and growing in a joint family which is rare today.

6) 90’s kids had fresh air to breathe, clean water to drink, and healthy food to eat.

7) They used to enjoy the moment instead of capturing them in cameras.

8) 90’s kids have spent most of their time out of the house instead of sitting idle with a gadget like today.

9) They have lived such a simple life that was very less affected by criminal activities.

10) 90’s kids have learned the value of relationships and the art of protecting.

Set – 2

1) The 90’s kids didn’t give much importance to education as today’s kids give.

2) The mental growth of 90’s kids was not up to that of today’s kids.

3) Today’s kids have the advantage of technology that the 90’s kids did not have.

4) Today’s kids are serious about sanitation and hygiene, while 90’s kids had no great sense of them.

5) The advanced education system has made modern kids more innovative and creative than 90’s kids.

6) Apart from regular education, today’s kids also participate in many other activities, including dancing, singing, acting, etc.

7) Today’s kids more exposed to science and scientific gadgets.

8) Today’s kids choose their career themselves while 90’s kids depended on the parents.

9) Today’s kids are free from social evils like child labour, child marriage, etc.

10) Today’s kids have witnessed the era of industrialization which 90’s kid did not have.

Childhood is always awesome, whether of 90’s kids or today. Though those olden days were simple and joyful, the modern days are also enjoyable with lots of advantages and fun. Hoping to serve you the best, the above sets are made in a way to be profitable for the people of all ages.

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