10 Lines on Time is Money

The proverb ‘Time is Money’ highlights the fact that time is the most valuable thing on planet earth. We should utilize the time in a very productive and efficient way so as to achieve our goals and objectives and excel on the path of our life. If we undermine the importance of time in our life then we would head ourselves towards great failure because time in our hand is finite as we do not know what is going to happen the very next moment.

Ten Lines on Time is Money in English

Here, I’m providing 10 lines, 5 lines, 20 lines, few lines and sentences on Time is Money in form of sets in English for Class 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6. This topic is useful for students of all classes as well as those preparing for competitive exams. These lines will also be helpful for all the curious citizens of India who wanted to know about this topic in detail.

10 Lines on Time is Money

1) Time is money is a popular proverb that teaches us the importance and value of time in our life.

2) Time is precious than money because we can earn money that we spend but we can’t get the time back once wasted.

3) The better management of time leads us to prosperity and wealth in life.

4) A person who understands the value of time gets rewarded in the long term with success.

5) Every moment or second of life should be used meaningfully by planning our daily routine properly.

6) Time is valuable because our time in the world is finite as we don’t know what is going to happen the next moment.

7) Time is money was also used by Benjamin Franklin in advice to young tradesmen.

8) Proverb encourages us to develop time management skills in our daily routine life.

9) The success and failure of an individual depend on the right utilization of time.

10) The slight change in attitude towards time management by people in India today would make the nation a better place to live in.

10 Lines and Sentences on Time is Money

1) The proverb time is money encourages us for efficient utilization of time for meaningful work which would lead to success.

2) A student, working professional, businessman or housewife all have to follow the concept of time management in order to avoid difficulties in life.

3) The great scientists, industrialists, sports personalities and social reformers follow strict time management schedules in life.

4) Professionals and businessmen work day and night to earn the money without wasting a bit of it.

5) Strict time management routine removes laziness from life and makes an individual active.

6) Idle and lazy employees who do not finish work on time get stuck in the same position forever.

7) The task or work completed on time saves a lot of energy and money.

8) People reach the height of success and popularity by making good use of time.

9) We can utilize time to earn the money but we can’t use the money to buy out more time in our life.

10) Time is a valuable resource and if spent judiciously would yield us a good return in the future.

10 Lines on Time is Money

5 Lines on Time is Money

1) It means time is a valuable asset.

2) Money can be earned but time can’t.

3) Wasting time is equal to wasting money.

4) We work on time to earn money.

5) It advises us to use our time wisely.

20 Lines on Time is Money

1) Time is money is an old phrase supposedly originated in Greece sometime during 430 BC.

2) The phrase implies that time is a precious commodity almost as equivalent to money.

3) The phrase also conveys a message that the money we have depends on how well we utilize our time.

4) The phrase also indicates that the more efficiently we utilize our time, the more money we earn.

5) Time is money means that wasting time is equivalent to that of wasting money.

6) Wasting time is like wasting money because it takes proper utilization of time to make money.

7) To earn money we should use productively the time that has been at our disposal.

8) Time is money because we earn for the time we work, not during the time we sit idle doing nothing.

9) Time is money for a cobbler who repairs shoes to earn a livelihood for his family.

10) Time is money for an employee who is earning a fixed amount of wages per hour of his/her work.

11) The phrase was reportedly first used by Benjamin Franklin in an essay titled Advice to a tradesman.

12) Almost thirty years before Franklin used it, the phrase appeared in a periodical free thinker in 1719.

13) The phrase aims to inculcate the value of money in us and ensure that we use our time properly.

14) Some believe that the phrase is a myth and actually time is way more precious than money.

15) Critics of the phrase argue that lost money can be regained but not the lost time.

16) Time is money for a taxi operator who has to refund the fare in case s/he is late on destination.

17) The phrase also advises us to utilize our time in the best ways we can and progress in life.

18) Time is money suggests that the moment we start wasting our time we will start losing money.

19) The phrase also acts as a warning, implying the harsh truth of time, money and successful relationship.

20) It indicates that time is the most valuable resource that we are losing with every passing second.

All the goals and achievements in the life of famous personalities in the history of mankind have been attained through better time management skills and hard work. If we do the work timely and sincerely we are never bound to fail in our life.

We should never waste time in useless activities that can hamper our career growth in the future. The more time we waste the far we get from our success and ultimately get diverted from our goal. So the importance of time is equivalent to money.

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