10 Lines on Values

Values are the important lessons taught to us from the very beginning in our life by our teachers and parents. The values like honesty, discipline, hard work, commitment, compassion, love, unity help an individual to grow personally and professionally.

The values help us in taking right decisions in life even in our tough times. Our entire personality and character is the reflection of kind of values that we have imbibed in ourselves since childhood days. The person with good ethical and moral code of conduct is revered everywhere in society.

A country with most of its citizens having good moral values will certainly progress on the path towards development. Values help in building strong personal character, taking important decisions in life and building healthy environment in society.

Ten Lines on Values in English

We have provided ten lines on values, after reading it you would come to know what are values, why are values important in society, what are the examples of values, how can values eradicate the problems of society and nation etc.

These lines are in simple and easy words so that you can use these lines while writing short essay on values, giving speech on values, or few lines on values for class 1, class 2, class 3 or class 4.

10 Lines on Values – Set 1

1) Values are the beliefs which affect the ethical behaviour and action of a person in society.

2) Values determine the individual’s perception towards right or wrong activities.

3) Values are constant and have direct influence on the attitude of a person.

4) Some of the examples of values include honesty, unity, generosity, respect, compassion and commitment.

5) Teachers and parents are morally responsible for imparting good values to children in society.

6) The values what we learn during our childhood remains with us throughout the life.

7) The character and overall personality is determined by the kind of values we imbibe during childhood.

8) In today’s fast competitive world, values hold an utmost importance for maintaining the moral structure of society.

9) An individual with right set of values is bound to take wiser decisions in life by taking care of everyone in society.

10) Good moral values make an individual more humble and interdependent.

Please find below the additional set of 10 points on values which is written in a very simple language, easy to comprehend and can be helpful for you in exams, quizzes, debates, group discussions, speeches, paragraphs, articles, essays etc.

10 Lines on Values – Set 2

1) An individual with good moral values brings positivity and motivation in a team.

2) People who give prime importance to the values and ethics in life don’t get discouraged easily with failures.

3) Values give the purpose in life and help us to be on right path in difficult and challenging times.

4) The good moral values like unity and compassion bring peace and prosperity in society.

5) In an organization, values determine the ethical code of conduct of the employees so as to ensure better working environment.

6) An individual having great moral and ethical values is always respected and loved by others in society.

7) Good values help an individual in taking crucial decisions like choosing path or career, making relationships etc.

8) Society of people with good ethical and moral values has more chances to grow and sustain over a period of time.

9) Good values are losing their shine in modern times due to changing lifestyle and ever increasing competition in society.

10) Values should be given first priority in children’s life as they are the future of nation.

In modern world, youths are giving preference to money and lifestyle over values and ethics. The decline in moral values is impacting every individual as it leads to problems like criminal activities, corruption, inequality and violence in the society.

The role of parents and teachers has become extremely important in inculcating the good values in children from the very beginning so that they can become responsible citizens in society. A person or individual with good moral values and ethics contribute more in nation building compared to the person who is corrupt and dishonest.