10 Lines on Prevention is Better than Cure

Prevention is better than cure is a famous proverb that guides us to follow the prevention techniques and keep ourselves away from problems, confusion, complexities in life. If we are following strict routine and disciplined lifestyle we don’t have to invest money towards medical treatments and cure. Cure does not give us the hope of complete wellness whereas prevention keeps us away from diseases and maintains a healthy body.

Ten Lines on Prevention is Better than Cure

Set 1

1) It’s better to keep ourselves away from problems rather than trying to solve them later.

2) The proverb ‘Prevention is better than cure’ is largely associated with individual’s healthy lifestyle.

3) The proverb guides us to maintain a healthy, disciplined, and stress free lifestyle.

4) Preventive measures help us to solve the difficulties and problems in life.

5) Prevention is better than cure as it saves effort and makes us peaceful.

6) Prevention removes the negative thoughts from the mind and makes our life trouble-free.

7) Prevention involves less cost and time compared to cure.

8) Preventive methods help us in saving from deadly and fatal diseases which can’t be cured.

9) Prevention helps us to adopt good habits in eating and living.

10) Prevention gives us the ability to predict the difficult situations in life which may arise in future.

Set 2

1) Preventive techniques make us wealthier and safer in life by saving our cost involved in cure.

2) The proverb ‘Prevention is better than cure’ acts as an advice for many people in the society.

3) It is always better to take preventive measures while driving to save ourselves from accident which involves costly cure thereafter.

4) Preventive measures like quitting smoking and tobacco are always a wise step rather than curing cancer which incurs a huge cost.

5) Preventive measures are always better option for poor and developing nation where people can’t afford the costly cure.

6)  It is always better to prevent environment from pollution rather than investing money to fix it when the damage has already been done.

7) Its always better to follow the preventive measure like negotiation and dialogues in case of country conflict rather than investing billions on military power.

8) It is better to take preventive steps during the upbringing of child rather than suffering later from the consequences of his/her bad habits.

9) It is always good to conduct scientific experiments under preventive measures rather than fixing problems at later stage which becomes costly affair.

10) Prevention meaning avoiding conflicts, confusion at workplace reduces the burden of load and stress and improves efficiency.

Prevention is the tool which makes our life stress free, disease free and much more disciplined. People value the importance of prevention over cure because they have to undergo various difficulties like financial, physical and mental while getting treatment for any disease or disorder.

If we always follow the preventive techniques in all the aspects of life then we could definitely save ourselves by many serious issues and problems of the future.