10 Lines on Swapna Barman

India, which was called the land of God, will now be called the land of proud girl where the girls are constantly proving to be far better than the boys. Another girl Swapna Barman belonging to West Bengal has proved that talent does not need any kind of support and also poverty can’t stop its way if it is determined. Swapna belongs to a poor family but her achievements have made her much famous across the globe and she has marked her existence. Let us read about her detail below.

Ten Lines on Swapna Barman

Set 1

1) Swapna Barman is an Indian Heptathlete born on 29th October 1996.

2) She belongs to a poor family living in Ghoshpara, Jalpaiguri in West Bengal.

3) Her mother works in a tea estate and father drives Rickshaw.

4) Her father got a stroke in 2013 and is now bedridden.

5) Swapna earns livelihood for her family including her parents and her siblings.

6) Swapna has got training from Sports Authority of India Netaji Subhas Eastern Centre Kolkata.

7) Swapna had ranked 1st in the Heptathlon in the 2017 Asian Athletics Championship.

8) She has achieved gold in Patiala Federation Cup 2017.

9) She won the women’s heptathlon gold in the 2018 Asian Games.

10) Swapna is the first Indian Heptathlete to win gold in Asian Games.

There is so much to tell you about the pride of India Swapna Barman that it made us create the 2nd set on her. The 2nd set comprises some other important information related to Swapna Barman. This set is equally important because we have tried to highlight some little known facts of her life that are not much known to everyone. So let’s read the 2nd set and make feel proud of her.

Set 2

1) Swapna Barman belongs to a very poor family with four younger brothers.

2) Swapna has 6 toes in both of her legs which make total 12 toes in her legs.

3) Swapna has gone through many injuries during her practice and before her games but she never quit.

4) Swapna Barman was honored with Arjun Award in August 2019.

5) She has won a scholarship of 150 thousand in the year 2016 on her success as an athlete.

6) Swapna also won a reward price of 10 lakh by the government of West Bengal on winning gold in the 2018 Asian Games.

7) In the 2018 Asian Games, Swapna held 1st position in High Jump and Javelin Throw.

8) She had achieved 2nd position in Long Jump, 200 Meter Race and Shot Put.

9) She attained the 4th position in 100 Meter Hurdles and 800 Meter Race.

10) Swapna is living her dream and she says that it is unbelievable for her.

Swapna had made her family proud of her and only her family but the whole of India is feeling proud of her and, in the true sense, she has actually proved to be the true child of India. Swapna is also an inspiration to those who think that poverty is the biggest obstacle in their path of success. Her hard work and dedication have made her achieve all that she had ever dreamt of. Now the world will stop and think for a while before being a part of female foeticide that “Indian girls are the best in the world”.

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