10 Lines on Dutee Chand

India has never run off talents as there have been such talents from time to time, who have made India to be recognized in the whole world with their skills and abilities. Dutee Chand is one of those people who belonged to a poor family but are born with a richness of talent. Dutee has proved her skills in the field of sprint running. Dutee has faced many difficulties in her life but she fought with them bravely and now she has got all that she had ever dreamt of. Let’s read about her in detail.

Ten Lines on Dutee Chand

Set 1

1) Dutee Chand is an Indian National Sprinter.

2) She was born on 3rd February 1996 in the Jajpur district of Odisha.

3) Dutee lives in a village called Chaka Gopalpur in Odisha.

4) She has been to the Local School of Chaka Gopalpur village, her hometown.

5) She earned a Bachelor’s in Law from KIIT University in Bhubaneshwar in the year 2013.

6) Dutee belongs to a ‘Below Poverty Line’ weaver’s family.

7) Dutee became a national champion in 2012 by completing 100m race in 11.8 seconds.

8) Dutee made a national record by completing 100m race in 11.33 seconds on 28th April 2016.

9) Dutee won Silver medal in 100 m race in the 2018 Asian Games.

10) Dutee was the first Indian to win gold in the 100m race in the 30th Summer University Games.

Another set of 10 lines is provided below. This 2nd set is made with some additional information related to Dutee Chand that is worth to be known. The reader must also read the provided extra information and enhance his/her knowledge. We have tried to use only basic words and simple language for the convenience of the reader so we hope that you won’t face any kind of confusion while reading the set. So let’s begin with the 1st point of 2nd set.

Set 2

1) Dutee Chand is the national champion in the women’s 100m event.

2) Dutee won a Tata Nano Car in School Nationals held in 2013.

3) Dutee was trained in Gopichand Academy in Hyderabad under the guidance of Coach N. Ramesh.

4) Odisha Mining Corporation appointed her as Manager on 23rd May 2016.

5) Dutee Chand is India’s first openly gay athlete.

6) Dutee was dropped from Common Wealth Games in 2014 due to Hyperandrogenism.

7) Dutee challenged the Athletic Federation of India in the court of Arbitration and finally won in July 2015.

8) After this incident, Dutee won a silver medal in Asian Games 2018.

9) Dutee was strongly supported by her mentors and fans during her difficult times.

10) On 31st March 2019, Dutee received a certificate of recognition from the Olympic Association of India.

Dutee belonged to a below-poverty level family and started her career when she had nothing but she has achieved everything at such a small age and that is what amazes the whole world. Dutee has gone through many injuries during her training but she never quit. How could she leave the dream that she had ever dreamt and on which, she had started at a very early age? Her stubbornness to aspire to her goal inspires us the most and teaches us to persist in our dream. She is a true reflection of hard work and we must learn from her.

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