10 Lines on Suicide Machine

A suicide machine is a machine that promises painless and peaceful death to the person who really wants to die.

We have heard about many new inventions that make our day-to-day life easy. Every day various scientists are engaged in making new things that will help us to live a peaceful life. There are inventions that will speed up your life or take your life to another level. But have you ever thought of having a machine that will lead to a peaceful death? Is there any machine that will allow you to end your life permanently? And the answer is yes!!

So, let’s discuss this hot and trending topic without wasting time.

Ten Lines on Suicide Machine in English

Here, I’m providing ten lines on Suicide Machine in the form of sets. This can be useful for everyone to know the details of this newly invented machine.

Set 1

1) The suicide machine is a coffin-shaped capsule that will help you to die.

2) The machine has cleared legal review in Switzerland.

3) The oxygen level in the pod is reduced to a great extent.

4) The man behind the suicide machine is Dr. Philip Nitschke.

5) Death in suicide machines occurs due to hypoxia and hypocapnia.

6) The machine can be operated by blinking the eyes.

7) It is developed for people who are suffering from critical diseases.

8) It will take 5-10 minutes to die in this machine.

9) The capsule is very comfortable, there is no feeling of panic and choking.

10) One needs to go inside the pod and press the button after which the mechanism of death will be started.

Set 2

1) People also refer to this machine as a ‘glorified gas chamber’.

2) It is expected to be operated in the next year in Switzerland.

3) Two prototypes of Sarco pod currently exist in the world with the third 3-D printing in the Netherlands.

4) Dr. Nitschke was criticized for the development of the first pod.

5) This machine is developed under the Exit International organization.

6) From September 2021 to August 2022, the Sarco, short for Sarcophagus pod, is being displayed in the museum of Kassel, Germany.

7) Users can take the machine to the desired place where they want to die.

8) People criticized the suicide machine as it gives glamorous and glorified suicide.

9) In Switzerland according to Exit International, around 1300 people were died by assisted suicide in the year 2020.

10) This machine has a biodegradable detachable capsule that can serve as a coffin.


There are many people in the world who are willing to die but cannot die. These include people who are mainly suffering from critical diseases. There are many other people who cannot afford the treatment and suffer from heartful pain. The suicide machine is the best option for these people. Many people opt to attempt suicide but it requires daring to bear the pain but this machine will allow quitting your life without experiencing any pain.

I hope the above given ten lines on Suicide Machine will be helpful to keep you updated with the new topics.

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FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions on Suicide Machine

Q.1 In which countries assisted suicide is legal?

Ans. In countries like Switzerland, Belgium, Canada, Netherlands, New Zealand, etc assisted suicide is legalized.

Q.2 Which is the largest assisted suicide organization in the world?

Ans. Dignitas, a Swiss non-profit organization is the largest assisted suicide organization