10 Lines on Sports

I don’t think if there would be someone who doesn’t like sports. We all have played some sports in our childhood, and many of us would still be playing them. We also have one sport which we like the most, and that is our favourite Sport. Let’s read about sports and its benefits in detail through the sets of 10 lines below.

Ten Lines on Sports in English

You can find here some well written sets of 10 lines, 5 lines, 20 lines, few lines and sentences on Sports for children and students of Classes 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 to get help in their school assignments.

10 Lines on Sports

1) Physical sports require physical exercise.

2) Mind sports require mental agility, concentration and quick thinking.

3) There are pieces of evidence that prove that human is playing sports since ancient times.

4) Sport should have an element of healthy competition.

5) Sport should not be harmful to any living being.

6) A good sport should be a source of entertainment both for the participants as well as the spectators.

7) Fair play is one of the basic requirements for a sport to be competitive.

8) Each player should have a Sportsman spirit.

9) No ay sport promotes or supports the use of the drug.

10) ICC Cricket World Cup, Soccer World Cup is major International sports events organized every four years.

10 Lines and Sentences on Sports

1) Any competitive physical activity providing a sense of enjoyment is Sport.

2) Sports play a major part in improving our physical and mental fitness.

3) It helps in developing Self Confidence, Team Spirit, and Mental & Physical toughness.

4) There are two types of sports, Indoor and Outdoor.

5) Every sport has a set of rules to ensure fair competition.

6) Doping to enhance performance is restricted in all kind of sports.

7) Sports help to improve our physical and mental coordination.

8) Famous proverb ‘All work and no play make Jack a dull boy’ signifies the importance of sport.

9) Sports teach us discipline, the value of time, unity and togetherness.

10) Olympics, World Cups, and Commonwealth Games etc. helps in spreading Universal Brotherhood.

10 Lines on Sports

5 Lines on Sports

1) A sport is an activity with the sense of joy.

2) Everyone loves playing sports.

3) Sports help in developing strength and skills.

4) Sports can be indoor or outdoor.

5) It generates teamwork, confidence, discipline, etc.

20 Lines on Sports

1) Sports are a kind of athletic activity involving some level of competition.

2) It requires quick physical efforts and good ability.

3) A sport can take place between at least two individuals or two groups.

4) Participation in sports can help in relieving from stress.

5) The game which we play inside a room is indoor sports.

6) The game which we play in a bigger area like field or ground is outdoor sports.

7) Sports have a positive impact on developing our physical and mental strength.

8) Playing sports gives motivation, courage, skill and concentration to a person.

9) Sports improve the psychological and mental skills of the person playing it.

10) Sports are mandatory in schools for the welfare of the students.

11) Different sports got their name from the way we play them.

12) We can play some sports in leisure time which provide a high level of entertainment.

13) Sports are an essential part of everybody’s life.

14) We can play sports from schools to an international level like the Olympics and Asian Games etc.

15) Teams from various countries participate and compete with other country’s teams to win their games.

16) Playing sports always gives us a thrill, but watching them also brings lots of entertainment.

17) Most of the sports are free from the age boundary, and anyone can play them.

18) Some sports need no physical effort but only a mental effort like chess, carrom etc.

19) Every sport has its benefit which the player gets while playing.

20) Electronic sports are indoor games where we play games on a large screen with a joystick.

So it is clear that, whatever may be the sport, it is always beneficial for us. Where Outdoor sports make us fit and active, Indoor sports help us in having mental growth. We should never lose a chance of participating in a sport, but it should also be clear that we should not play leaving some important work. Sport is as important as is education.

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