10 Lines on Skype

Video calling has become a trend these days and people, now a day, prefer talking over video chat rather than the usual calling. There are uncountable applications available in market that provide video calling with their different features but the name that comes to our mind right about when we talk about video call is ‘Skype’. Yes! Probably Skype is one of those applications which introduced video chatting and made it so much popular as it is now. You must have heard about this application before so let’s talk about its history.

Ten Lines on Skype in English

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10 Lines on Skype – Set 1

1) Skype is a popular communication application/platform between to Skype users.

2) Skype provides chatting facility through video, voice or text.

3) Skype was released by ‘Skype Technologies’ on 29th August 2003.

4) Microsoft purchased Skype on 10th May 2011 for US $8.5 billion.

5) Skype is available for the various platforms like Windows, Android, iOS, Linux, Mac, HoloLens and Xbox One.

6) Skype accesses device’s microphone for voice chatting and webcam for video chatting.

7) Both the users need to have an account on Skype to start a chatting.

8) Skype services are completely free and can be used only when the internet is available.

9) Skype is used in almost all countries globally available in total 43 languages.

10) Skype can be effectively used with a voice command from a compatible Alexa device.

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10 Lines on Skype – Set 2

1) Skype was created by two entrepreneurs Niklas Zennström and Janus Friis accompanied by Ahti Heinla, Priit Kasesalu and Jaan Tallinn.

2) Skype incorporated with PayPal on 2nd August 2017 to add a money sending feature in its services.

3) A conference call with a group of 25 people can be made on Skype at a time.

4) Skype is available in different versions for Windows desktop and Windows phone each.

5) Skype had also launched its phone with brand name ‘3 Skypephone’ on 29th October 2007.

6) Skype in China is available in a modified Chinese version on the website of ‘TOM Online.

7) The majority of shares of Skype are owned by ‘eBay’ a Chinese online market.

8) Skype is mostly used for video chatting as it shares about 40% of chatting on Skype by all means.

9) There are many countries like Azerbaijan, Iran, Pakistan and Saudi Arabia where Skype is completely banned.

10) The Headquarter of Skype is located in Luxembourg in Europe.

So undoubtedly I can say that Skype has contributed the most in bringing video chatting in trend. Although Skype is not much used now due to the launch of many new applications with the better services, yet Skype is one of those applications which introduced a new pattern of conversation between the people which was widely appreciated and adopted then. Still Skype is generating good revenue for the brand and we hope for its services to be available for us for many more years.