10 Lines on Sheep

There are almost around 1 billion sheep worldwide with 1000 of different species or breeds, out of which majority of the sheep population is domestic breed considered to be the most beneficial one to the human civilization. As per the research from University of Illinois, Sheep have the good problem solving ability and their IQ is considered to be similar to cattle below that of pigs. Sheep are considered as herbivorous and their diet includes grass (grazing), leaves and stems.

Ten Lines on Sheep

Set 1

1) Sheep are the mammals belonging to the ‘Ovis Aries’ category of species with their presence across the globe.

2) They are one of the most resourceful mammals on the earth, found across forests and mountainous regions of Asia, Europe and America.

3) Sheep were one of the earliest mammals raised by humans for varieties of the purposes like wool, meat and milk.

4) Sheep are generally social in nature and form a group or flock for grazing purpose.

5) Average height of sheep could be around 4 feet and can weigh between 40 to 160 kg.

6) The lifespan of sheep is around 10-12 years.

7) Domestic sheep are found in wide range of colours from white to chocolate brown including the pigmented white.

8) Female sheep, known as ewes, would mate with rams (male sheep) and generally give birth to 1 to 3 lambs at a time.

9) Gestation period of Ewes is for 5 months and sometimes they can give birth to twins also.

10) Sheep have terrific sense of smell, hearing, and colour vision and an excellent memory which help them to recognize humans and other animals.

Set 2

1) Sheep is one of the most useful animals on earth with various uses like wool, milk and meat etc.

2) Sheep play huge economic importance around the globe hence they are raised and bred by many people.

3) Sheep have played significant role in science and technology – first female sheep cloned by scientists was named as Dolly.

4) Domestic sheep are being used in various fields like medical research, behavioural science as a case study and models to conduct experiments.

5) Sheep have the deeper connect with culture and religion; it represents symbol of weakness as well as symbol of power and strength in some regions.

6) In Christianity, Jesus is depicted as ‘Good Shephard’ whereas in Islam, Greece and Rome sheep are the symbol of sacrifice.

7) Sheep have also played major roles in fables, rhymes and novels.

8) In Egypt, sheep are considered very sacred and equivalent to God.

9) Just like the dogs sheep are very friendly and they form very strong emotional connect with other sheep in a flock and with shepherd.

10) Sheep husbandry i.e. raising the sheep in organized manner is the most common practice across the globe after agricultural farming.

10 Lines on Sheep

In present scenario, it’s very sad that many sheep are getting slaughtered for wide range of reasons like meat, sheep skin, sheep bone, intestine and cartilage which serve as a purpose in manufacturing of products like clothes, footwear, soaps, candles, dice buttons, strings of musical instruments and tennis rackets.

Killing the sheep just to meet the sole purpose of commercial human need would not only have deeper impact on the environment and ecology but would also create existential crisis for the sheep as a wonderful species. Tough laws should be made for the protection of sheep from slaughtering around the globe. Sheep husbandry should be encouraged among the farmers by providing them financial aid.