10 Lines on Sharmila Nicollet

The golf is a very interesting sport which is rapidly being spread all over the world and also in India as well. The golf has given many tremendous sports’ personalities throughout the times and they all have made India feel proud globally with their skills and proficiency like Anirban Lahiri, Aditi Ashok, Jeev Milkha Singh, Jyoti Randhawa etc. These are few of the greatest golf players from India. The list of such great golfers is very long and can never be completed without one name that is Sharmila Nicollet.

Sharmila is one of the epic golf players who have mastered herself in this sport from a very early age in which the children even don’t know how to speak the word ‘Golf’. Reading about her is fun so let’s start with the below provided sets of 10 lines.

Ten Lines on Sharmila Nicollet in English

We have provided below the first set of 10 important lines on Sharmila Nicollet to give you an overview of her life-journey, struggle and achievements.

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10 Lines on Sharmila Nicollet – Set 1

1) Sharmila Nicollet is a famous Indian golf player belonging to Bangalore.

2) She was born in Bangalore on 12th March 1991.

3) Sharmila completed her Schooling from Bishop’s Cotton Girls School in Bangalore.

4) Sharmila started playing golf professionally from the year 2009.

5) During 2007-2008, she was the youngest lady winning All-India Ladies Amateur Championship.

6) Sharmila is the youngest lady to be qualified for Ladies European Tour.

7) She has been the Lady Golfer of the Year for the year 2007.

8) Women Golf Association of India declared her the ‘player of the year’ for 2010.

9) She was 2nd Indian to earn a full card at the Ladies European Tour in the year 2012.

10) The year 2015 made her to win the Hero WPGT Tournament.

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10 Lines on Sharmila Nicollet – Set 2

1) Sharmila’s father Marc Nicollet is software professional while her mother Surekha is a perfumist.

2) Her father is French while her mother is an Indian.

3) She started playing golf from the age of only 11 in the year 2002.

4) Sharmila was National Sub-Junior Champion in swimming during her School days.

5) The first tournament if her life was “Southern India Ladies Golf Tournament 2006” which she had won.

6) She has played Asian Games, Asia Pacific Junior Golf Tournament, The Queen Sirikit Cup etc.

7) Sharmila is polyglot and can speak Hindi, English, French, Tamil, Urdu, Telugu and Kannad.

8) She was given “The Pride of Karnataka Award” in 2013.

9) Sharmila was “Hindustan Times Most Stylish Sportsperson” in 2016.

10) Sharmila has maintained an impressive statistical record in her life.

We have provided below a new set of Ten Lines on Sharmila Nicollet a glamorous golf player from India who has received many national and international awards in the game of golf. Going through these points you will know about her life and hobbies as well as her participation in various events.

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10 Lines on Sharmila Nicollet – Set 3

1) Sharmila Nicolette is an Indian golfer.

2) Sharmila Nicolette was born, grew up, studied in Bengaluru, and loved to play golf.

3) His father Marc Nicolette, who is a Frenchman, is a software engineer by profession.

4) Sharmila Nicolette started playing golf at the age of 11.

5) She became a professional golfer at the age of 18.

6) Sharmila continues to be an internet sensation affecting people by playing golf.

7) Along with the golf course, Sharmila is also very active on social media; she has 122 thousand followers on Instagram account.

8) Sharmila Nicolette has recorded 11 wins in the Women's Golf Association of India.

9) Apart from playing Golf, she has also won many swimming title as she has a lot of love for swimming.

10) She has also won the Hero-KGA tournament in 2012 and Hero-WPGT in 2015.

Another set of Ten Lines on Sharmila Nicollet will prove to be helpful for the avid readers to know about the famous and glamorous Indian Golf player who became an apple of eye for the millions. These points will emphasize on her early life, education, passion for golf, and participation in many national and international tournaments.

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10 Lines on Sharmila Nicollet – Set 4

1) Indian professional women golfer Sharmila Nicolette started playing golf for fun in her childhood, after which she emerged as a great golfer of India.

2) Sharmila was born on 12th March 1991 in Bangalore.

3) Sharmila's father's name is Mark Nicolette, who is a software engineer.

4) Sharmila's mother's name is Surekha Nicolette, a perfumist who runs the Padmini Aroma Limited in Bengaluru.

5) Sharmila studied 10th and 12th at Bishop Cotton Girls International School, Bengaluru.

6) Sharmila has done her graduation from a private college in Bengaluru.

7) Sharmila Nicolette joined the Women's Golf Association of India in 2009.

8) In 2006, Sharmila got a chance to play for the country for the first time at the Asian Games in Doha and the Asia Pacific Junior Golf Tournament.

9) Sharmila participated in several international golf tournaments including the Kalaway World Junior Amature Championship which took place in San Diego.

10) Sharmila Nicolette was the youngest player to win it in the 2007-2008 All India Amature Championship.

Sharmila Nicollet was very interested in multiple sports since her childhood and has tried her hands in these sports as a passion. Her parents says that choosing golf by her was just for fun and not for profession but her interest in playing in golf made her choose it for her career. Sharmila Nicollet is very skilled in her sport and we hope to see her best version in the golf for sometimes soon in the future.