10 Lines on Anjali Bhagwat

Who does not know Anjali Bhagwat in India? She is a shining star sports person in India. She is a very prominent personality and has achieved glorious victory in many events like Commonwealth Games, Asian Games, and Commonwealth Championships etc. with her unprecedented skill. She has also been honoured many times because she deserves so. There is a lot to know about her which we have summarized in below sets of 10 lines. So let’s read about her in detail.

Ten Lines on Anjali Bhagwat in English

In the following set of 10 lines, we are highlighting the biography of Anjali Bhagwat.

You will also get facts about Anjali Bhagwat’s success story and dedication. The 10 important points will provide you some facts of her life.

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10 Lines on Anjali Bhagwat – Set 1

1) Anjali Bhagwat is an Indian professional Rifle shooter.

2) Anjali was born on 5th December 1969 at Mumbai in Maharashtra, India.

3) She successfully achieved a silver medal in the National Championship in 1988.

4) She started the journey of her International victory with 3 gold and a silver medal in the Commonwealth Championship 1999.

5) Anjali was titles as the ‘Champion of the Champions’ in the year 2002.

6) The Bollywood actor Nana Patekar has provided her the first kit of her life for free.

7) Anjali married to Mandar Bhagwat who resides in Maharashtra.

8) She has been India’s no.1 in 10 m rifle shooter in the year 2002.

9) Anjali was awarded with Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna Award in 2003.

10) The prestigious Arjun Award was given to her in 2000.

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10 Lines on Anjali Bhagwat – Set 2

1) Anjali Bhagwat was very fond of NCC (National Cadet Corps).

2) Mr. Sanjay Chakravarthy was the 1st coach in her career.

3) Anjali has won about 55 Gold medals, 35 silver medals and 15 Bronze medals in her domestic career.

4) She is the only Indian woman shooter to the World Cup for India.

5) Anjali had trained herself without a coach for a long time.

6) Anjali is the only shooter to win title of ‘Champion of the Champions’.

7) The rifle used by Anjali Bhagwat for 10 m ranging is Feinwerkbau.

8) She is the only female shooter to win ISSF World Shooting Championship in 2002.

9) She was awarded with Teacher’s Achievements Award in 2005.

10) Because of her skill. Anjali was ranked world’s number 1 player in the year 2002.

We have provided below a new set of Ten Lines on Anjali Bhagwat. These lines will explain you about who she is, where she was born, what she is doing nowadays, and why she is famous. Going through these points you will know about her achievements in various sports events and the awards won by her.

This set of Ten Lines on Anjali Bhagwat will also emphasize on her job and some about her family.

10 Lines on Anjali Bhagwat – Set 3

1) Anjali Bhagwat is a famous female shooter of India.

2) Her full name is 'Anjali Ved Pathak Bhagwat'.

3) Anjali Bhagwat was born on 5th December 1969 in a Marathi family in Mumbai, Maharashtra.

4) Anjali Bhagwat started her shooting career in NCC at Kirti College, Mumbai.

5) She made a mark by winning many medals at the 2002 Manchester Commonwealth Games.

6) She made headlines by winning 4 gold medals in individual and pair events in these games.

7) She was given the ' Arjuna Award' in the year 2000 and ' Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna Award' in the year 2003 for the achievements of the 2002 Commonwealth Games.

8) Apart from this, Anjali Bhagwat has also received 'Chhatrapati Award', 'Maharashtra Gaurav Award' and 'Maharashtra Reputation Award'.

9) Anjali Bhagwat is working as the post of Inspector under Sports Quota in Central Industrial Security Force.

10) She takes pride in being a woman.

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This set of Ten Lines on Anjali Bhagwat will also tell you that because of her fascinating appearance she had been given the offer of act in films.

10 Lines on Anjali Bhagwat – Set 4

1) Anjali Bhagwat made a mark by winning several medals at the Manchester Commonwealth Games in 2002.

2) Anjali Bhagwat started her shooting career as a student of Kirti College Mumbai with NCC.

3) She became a cadet as a student and got a place in Maharashtra Rifle Association.

4) In 1988, Anjali participated in the National Games to be held in Ahmedabad.

5) In 2000, Anjali became the second Indian woman to reach the final of the Olympics in Sydney.

6) Anjali won four gold medals at the Commonwealth Games in 1998 and 2001.

7) Coach Sanjay Chakraborty and Hungarian coach Laszlo Szucsak brought Anjali success by teaching her the nuances of the game.

8) Anjali has worked hard for her success and used to walk on foot many kilometers to reach the Maharashtra Rifle Association from her home.

9) Malayalam film director Jayaraj had given her offer to play a role in his movie.

10) Today Anjali is married and her husband Mandar Bhagwat gives her full support.

Anjali Bhagwat has set up a milestone through her shooting skill. She believes that the pressure that our mind bears, works to sharp our mind and polish our talent. Handling the pressure is itself an art and is for our welfare. She further directs her fans that focusing is the most important factor to achieve the 100 % target and be successful. Anjali Bhagwat is an inspiration for all of us and we salute the brave daughter of India.