10 Lines on Nameirakpam Kunjarani Devi

The Manipur has so many talents that declaring it the sporting capital of India will not be wrong. Another pride of India coming from Manipur is Nameirakpam Kunjarani Devi. Kunjarani Devi has made a career in Weightlifting and is also motivating others to do so. Belonging from Manipur, Kunjarani says the sport is in her blood and she had made it her passion since a very early age.

Ten Lines on Nameirakpam Kunjarani Devi

Set 1

1) Nameirakpam Kunjarani Devi is a famous Indian sports person belonging to weightlifting.

2) She was born on 1st March 1968 in Imphal, the capital of Manipur.

3) Kunjarani graduated from Maharaja Bodha Chandra College in Imphal.

4) She won her first Women Weightlifting Championship in the year 1989 in Manchester.

5) From 1989 to 1997, Kunjarani participated in a total of 8 Weightlifting Championships for women.

6) She won the Silver medal in all of them except for the year 1993.

7) She also participated in Asian Games in Beijing in 1990, at Hiroshima in 1994 and in Bangkok in 1998.

8) She won Bronze medals in the first two Asian Games but came barely empty-handed in the last one.

9) Kunjarani received the great sports award ‘Arjun Award’ in the year 1990.

10) Kunjarani is decorated with more than 50 International honors worldwide.

Set 2

1) Weightlifting has always been the first choice of Nameirakpam Kunjarani Devi.

2) She had grabbed 3 silver medals in her first Women Weightlifting Championship in 1989.

3) Kunjarani was suspended for the duration of 6 months in the year 2001 due to positive anabolic steroids.

4) The great woman weightlifter Mirabai Chanu is coached by Kunjarani Devi.

5) People call her the “Iron Lady of Manipur” in her respect.

6) The historic victory of Kunjarani is considered in 1995 when she had conquered 2 gold and 1 bronze medals in an event.

7) The year 2011 made her be recognized with the great civilian honor Padma Shri.

8) Kunjarani has also been honored with Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna Award in 1996.

9) She has coached the Indian women team going for the 2014 Commonwealth Games.

10) She is currently serving as the Assistant Commandant in CRPF (Central Reserve Police Force.

Set 3

1) Nameirakpam Kunjarani Devi is an Indian woman sportsperson to win a medal in weightlifting.

2) Starting in 1985, she started winning medals in the 44 kg, 46 kg and 48 kg classes at the National Weightlifting Championships.

3) She set two new national records in 1987 at Thiruvananthapuram.

4) Her first World Championship was the World Women’s Weightlifting Championship held in Manchester in 1989 and won three silver medals.

5) She managed to win only bronze medals at the 1990 Beijing and 1994 Hiroshima Asian Games.

6) She captured three silver medals in the 44 kg category of the edition held in 1991 in Indonesia.

7) She retained her second place in competitions held in 1992 in Thailand and 1993 in China.

8) In 1990, she was awarded the Arjuna Award and shared the Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna Award with Leander Paes for the years 1996-1997.

9) She won the medal with a new record weight of 166 kg, including 72 kg in snatch and 94 kg in clean and jerk in the women’s weightlifting match held in Melbourne in 2006.

10) She serves as an assistant commandant in the Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF).

Set 4

1) Nameirakpam Kunjarani Devi is an Indian woman sportsperson who has brought laurels to the nation in weightlifting.

2) Kunjarani is called the ‘Grand Old Lady’ of Indian weightlifting.

3) N. Kunjarani Devi was born on 1 March 1968 in Imphal (Manipur), India.

4) Her interest in sports was aroused in her childhood when she attended the Sindam Sinshang Resident High School in Imphal in 1978.

5) She became India’s first gold medalist at the Commonwealth Games in Nauru in 1995 and was ranked first in the world rankings that year.

4) At the Commonwealth Games in Manchester in August 2002, Kunjarani made headlines as India’s heavyweight lifter, winning three gold medals.

5) She became the first female weightlifter in the country to receive the ‘ Arjuna Award’ in 1990.

6) After joining the Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF), Kunjarani also tried her best in the Police Championship.

7) Kunjarani has won more than 60 medals at the international level.

8) The International Weightlifting Association has also declared Kunjarani as one of the best weightlifters of the twentieth century.

9) Despite growing age, Kunjarani is such a role model for the budding weightlifters of the country, whose passion is no match for them.

10) Kunjarani Devi has undergone a six-month suspension after being found positive for anabolic steroids in 2001.

So undoubtedly Nameirakpam Kunjarani Devi is a great athlete and is inspiring the whole of India to make something different from the rest of the world. Kunjarani Devi achieved all that she had dreamt in her early childhood and says that it could become possible only because of dedication, perseverance and hard work. She is still on the path to go long and achieve many more successes to write her own an interesting life story full of inspiration for others and we hope to see her victory for many upcoming years.

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