10 Lines on Second Battle of Panipat

Hemu or Hemchandra Vikramaditya was a king who had also served as the general and Chief Minister of Adil Shah of the Suri Dynasty. He played a very important role and after the victory in The Battle of Tughlaqabad against Mughal in 1556, he became the ruler of North India. Akbar was not happy with this shameful defeat and so he killed Tardi Beg Khan who was leading the Mughal Army in The Battle of Tughlaqabad. After one month of this Battle, Akbar decided to take revenge from Hemu. What happened next is discussed in sets provided below.

Ten Lines on Second Battle of Panipat

Set 1

1) The Second Battle of Panipat took place on 5th November 1556 at the historic place of Panipat in Haryana.

2) It was a Battle between Hemu of Suri Dynasty and great Mughal Emperor Akbar.

3) Hemu was the ruler of North India at that time and the Second Battle of Panipat was his second encounter with Mughal Army.

4) Akbar was only 13 years old then and so he was kept 8 miles away from the war zone.

5) Bairam Khan with his well-trained soldiers was protecting Akbar and did not participate in the War.

6) Bairam Khan had instructed Akbar to flee towards the Kabul if they lose the Battle.

7) Hemu’s army was well equipped with 1500 war elephants, excellent artillery and 30000 soldiers.

8) Despite a large number of soldiers and artilleries in his army, Hemu lost the Second Battle of Panipat.

9) Hemu lost because of his pride in his previous victories in the Battles against Mughal.

10) The victory of Mughal in the Second Battle of Panipat was the re-establishment of the Mughal Dynasty.

We have created one more set of 10 points on The Second Battle of Panipat. These few additional facts and information will take you deeper and let you understand the actual reason and results of the Battle. The set is prepared in easy language so that the reader of any age should not face any difficulty while reading these lines. So let’s begin reading our second set.

Set 2

1) Akbar was coroneted at the age of 13 after the death of his father Humayun in 1556.

2) Akbar was ruling Kabul in the guardianship of Bairam Khan at that time.

3) Ali Quli Khan Shaibani, Sikandar Khan Uzbak and Abdullah Khan Uzbak were leading the Mughal Army in the Second Battle of Panipat.

4) Akbar’s Army had 10000 cavalries but Hemu’s Army had 30000 Cavalry and 500 War Elephants.

5) Hemu was close to victory in the Battle but suddenly an arrow was shot in his eyes and he fell unconscious.

6) Hemu’s army got panicked and fled away in fear of losing the Battle.

7) Finally, the Battle resulted in the favor of Akbar and his Army.

8) Hemu was captured alive and was beheaded later after the Battle.

9) In spite of having Army less than that of Hemu, Akbar won the Second Battle of Panipat.

10) The victory in the Second Battle of Panipat established the Mughal rule in India for the next 300 years.

Despite having a major Army support, Hemu lost the Second Battle of Panipat. He did not take the help of his artilleries in this Battle and it can be considered one of the main reasons for his defeat. Whatsoever, the victory of Akbar was completely unimaginable and it regained the strong and effective Mughal Dynasty and continued it for the next 300 years in India.

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