10 Lines on Battle of Kannauj

Humayun was the emperor of the Mughal Dynasty and the heir of Mughal Throne after his father Babur. After a few years of his coronation, he was attacked by an Indian Afghan Sher Khan who defeated Humayun and made him powerless. Humayun had to run away from the war land to save his life. He was now very angry and decided to take revenge for this defeat. The Battle of Kannauj was the result of the anger of Humayun. Let’s read about it in detail.

Ten Lines on Battle of Kannauj

Set 1

1) The Battle of Kannauj was fought on 17th May 1540 at Kannauj district of Uttar Pradesh India.

2) It was a battle between Afghan Shershah Suri and the Mughal ruler Humayun.

3) It was the 2nd battle between both of them as they have involved in the Battle of Chausa one year before the battle of Kannauj.

4) Before the Battle was started, Humayun gathered all his brothers and asked for their suggestions.

5) Humayun had no army left with him after losing the battle of Chausa so he asked his brother for Army support.

6) His brother Hindal Mirza agreed to support him but Kamran Mirza denied and left to Lahore with his Army.

7) However, Humayun managed to gather a sufficient Army and met Shershah Suri at Kannauj on the bank of river Ganga.

8) Humayun made many mistakes in this battle and also failed to manage his Army and artilleries.

9) Consequently, Humayun lost the Battle, left the battleground and ran away.

10) Shershah Suri got the 2nd victory over Humayun and became a powerful ruler of Delhi and Agra.

We have created a 2nd set of lines or points on The Battle of Kannauj. This set comprises a few more important facts and information on the topic that was not discussed earlier. The set is created in easy language to make it accessible for the students of lower classes as well as upper classes. So read the below-provided set and collect some extra information on the topic. Let’s start.

Set 2

1) The Battle of Chausa fought one year before the Battle of Kannauj proved to be a fall of Humayun and his power.

2) Shershah Suri knew that Humayun would take revenge for his defeat in the Battle of Chausa so he was well prepared.

3) Humayun again lost the battle against Shershah Suri and jumped into the river Ganga to save his life.

4) Now all the tanks, artilleries and ammunitions of Humayun were in the control of Shershah Suri.

5) Humayun could not recover all his lost assets, artilleries, and ammunitions.

6) Many sources also describe the Battle of Kannauj as The Battle of Bilgram.

7) It is also said that both the forces stayed together for about one month without any conflict.

8) Humayun left his throne after the Battle of Kannauj and ran away and the state of Delhi came under the authority of Sher Shah Suri.

9) The Battle of Kannauj also ended the Mughal Empire for a while.

10) After facing a big defeat in The Battle of Kannauj, Humayun exiled for next the 15 years of his life.

The Battle of Kannauj was also a big mistake of Humayun. He decided to retaliate Shershah Suri but without any preparation. He also failed in saving the legacy of Babur. While he was exiled for 15 years, he fell in love with a 15 years old girl Hamida and married her. In the year 1542, they gave birth to a baby boy and named it Akbar. Akbar became the next emperor of the Mughal dynasty defeating Ashoka the Great.

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