10 Lines on Save Water Save Life

Water is not less than life; it is one of the most important components of earth which keeps us alive. More than 70% of our body constitutes water and is crucial for our regular functioning of the body. Water is the second most important element after air which is needed for all living beings to survive on earth.

All the major civilizations around the world have evolved near the river. Water is needed for agriculture sector and used as coolant in various industries and manufacturing plant. Water maintains the ecological balance on earth. Without water people face many disasters like draught, environmental pollution and global warming which can lead to extinction of life from planet earth. We should remember that water is precious for every living being hence we all should act sensibly for the conservation of water.

Ten Lines on Save Water Save Life in English

We have provided 10 lines, 5 lines, 20 lines, few lines and sentences on Save Water Save Life in English for Class 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6. You can add these lines in your essays and paragraphs writing in your exams as well as in the school competitions. It will help you to get knowledge about Save Water Save Life and its related topics.

10 Lines on Save Water Save Life

1) Water is highly necessary resource for the existence of life and life ceases to exist without water.

2) It is the second most important element after air needed for the survival of life.

3) Every living being like human, animal, plants and trees all need water for existence.

4) For human beings, apart from drinking, water is used for cooking, bathing, washing etc.

5) The precious gift from nature, water, is also used in agriculture and other industrial sector.

6) Lack of water results in problems like sanitation issues, drought, poverty and hunger.

7) Water scarcity is also responsible for pollution, global warming, different diseases etc.

8) Lakhs of people either die or migrate from the places where there is water scarcity.

9) Lack of water has changed the fertile area into barren land where nothing can be grown.

10) Water conservation, reducing wastage, afforestation and water recycling can be beneficial to save water.

10 Lines and Sentences on Save Water Save Life

1) Water is a very precious natural resource found all over the world which helps living beings to survive on planet earth.

2) Early civilizations of earth have evolved around the banks of river in the world like Indus Valley Civilization, Ancient Egypt Civilisation etc.

3) Water maintains the ecological balance as it evaporates from the sea and joins the air to form water vapour which causes rainfall.

4) Due to burgeoning population and massive urbanisation ground water level is depleting at a faster rate.

5) National Water Mission is one of the 8 national missions launched by the Ministry of Water Resources of Government of India for water preservation and conservation.

6) The situation of excessive usage of water can create drought like situation in metros leading to migration.

7) Some little steps like turning off the water tap while brushing, washing hands or shaving can save a lot of water.

8) Using buckets instead of shower for bathing and cleaning vehicles also saves good amount of water.

9) By correct measures of recycling of water for agriculture and irrigation, people can save enough potable drinking water for themselves.

10) By seeing the after effects of drought and importance of water, United Nations decided to celebrate 22nd March as ‘World Water Day’ to raise awareness on saving water.

10 Lines on Save Water Save Life

5 Lines on Save Water Save Life

1) Water is essential for life.

2) We will die without water.

3) We can save water by controlling pollution.

4) Water can be saved by reusing it.

5) Rainwater harvesting will also be helpful.

20 Lines on Save Water Save Life

1) Water is the basis of life, if we have to save it, then it has to be conserved.

2) Saving it becomes the responsibility of every human being, it becomes our national responsibility and we expect the same responsibility from the international community.

3) For this, we have to curb our materialistic tendencies and become frugal for the use of water.

4) Millions of people are dying every year from water born diseases.

5) By conserving rain water, we can use it in other daily work such as for washing clothes, watering the garden, bathing etc.

6) The source of water is limited, in such a way we can combat the water crisis by keeping the sources of water safe.

7) First of all man can live without other things in his life but he cannot live without oxygen, water and food, hence we have to understand the importance of water.

8) One billion people are using water daily, it is also estimated that by 2025, 3 billion people will suffer from water shortage.

9) Scientists have also declared that it might be possible that the next World War would be fought for water.

10) For this, we have to make water safe from today itself and prevent it from going waste.

11) Water is extremely important for the existence of life on earth.

12) We all know that about 71% of the Earth’s surface is covered with water, basically in the form of oceans, seas, rivers, glaciers, etc.

13) Although we have such a large amount of water bodies, only this 1% water is clean and suitable for human consumption.

14) Water is necessary not only for the survival of mankind but also for other species present on earth.

15) 21% of infectious diseases in India are caused by unsafe water intake and this situation has arisen due to lack of clean drinking water.

16) In view of the increasing population and high demand for clean water, it is important that we should start conserving water from today.

17) The United Nations has declared March 22 as “World Water Day” to make people aware of the value of fresh water and its harmful effects on the earth due to its absence.

18) It is observed that half a billion people all over the world face water crisis throughout the year.

19) After seeing the current state of available water on the planet, every single drop of water now needs to be saved.

20) Government and NGOs are spreading awareness about the importance of water but still more is needed.

The natural resources present on earth are in limited quantity. Life on earth won’t be possible if we exploit the natural resources like water and trees in abundance for our personal gain. Without water, it’s hard to imagine life on earth. Government, NGO’s, civil communities and citizens of nation should actively focus on methods of recycling the natural resources like water so as to develop sustainable future for our young generation.

The government has also launched various initiatives like National Water Mission for assessing the impact of the climate change on water resources. As an individual, we should always promote water conservation and preservation for the benefits of mankind and other living beings on earth.

FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions on Save Water Save Life

Q.1 How can we save water in our daily lives?

Ans. To save water in our daily lives, we can turn off the tap when brushing our teeth, take shorter showers, use a dishwasher instead of washing dishes by hand, fix any dripping taps, and use a broom instead of a hose to clean outdoors.

Q.2 What are the benefits of saving water?

Ans. Saving water has many benefits, such as reducing water bills, helping to preserve water ecosystems, promoting energy efficiency, and reducing the amount of pollutants in water sources.

Q.3 What are the effects of water scarcity?

Ans. Water scarcity can lead to various effects, such as environmental degradation, economic loss, food insecurity, health problems, and conflict.

Q.4 What is grey water and how can it be used?

Ans. Grey water is wastewater from sinks, showers, and laundry that can be reused for irrigation or other non-potable uses. Grey water can be stored in a separate tank and then used to water the garden or flush toilets.

Q.5 What can I do to encourage others to save water?

Ans. You can encourage others to save water by talking to them about the importance of water conservation and sharing tips for reducing water use. You can also lead by example and take steps to conserve water in your own home.

Q.6 What is the connection between water conservation and energy conservation?

Ans. Water conservation can help save energy in two ways. First, it can reduce the need for energy-intensive water treatment processes. Secondly, it can reduce the amount of energy used to pump and transport water.

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