10 Lines on Save Water and Electricity

Water and electricity are considered as basic and essential elements of human life to survive on planet earth and in fact, water is the lifeline of every living being. Our population is increasing day by day and natural resources like water and trees are finite in numbers which could not cater to the needs and demands of each and everybody. If the frequent exploitation of natural resources continues then the entire life on earth would be extinct in a matter of few decades.

Living without electricity in today’s world means returning to the dark ages. Considering the scarcity of water that is required to produce electricity through hydropower generation, we should seriously preserve our natural resources for a sustainable planet in the future.

Ten Lines on Save Water and Electricity in English

We have provided 10 lines, 5 lines, 20 lines, few lines and sentences on Save Water and Electricity in English for Class 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6. You can add these lines in your essays and paragraphs writing in your exams as well as in the school competitions. It will help you to get knowledge about Save Water and Electricity and its related topics.

10 Lines on Save Water and Electricity

1) Water is one of the precious elements of nature for the survival of every kind of life.

2) Without having electricity in the households would mean returning to the dark ages.

3) We have to consider both the scarcity of water and the necessity of electricity in our life.

4) Most of us just wastewater by opening the tap and wasting the water for no purpose.

5) We waste a lot of electricity by keeping our appliances on without any purpose.

6) We have to understand the fact that water and electricity are limited resources.

7) There are many places in the world struggling to get 24 hours supply of water and electricity.

8) We must save water by some small attempts like closing the tap after use.

9) We can save electricity by switching off the appliances when they are not in use.

10) We must know one thing that these basic resources are for every human being and should be properly used.

10 Lines and Sentences on Save Water and Electricity

1) Water is the most vital part of our life and Electricity is also essential for us.

2) We need to use water and electricity in a limited manner.

3) Water Conservation Day is celebrated on 22nd March every year.

4) Electricity-saving devices should be used.

5) We should save water by reducing electricity use.

6) Americans are the largest users of water.

7) Most people in the US get electricity from power companies that use hydroelectric and thermoelectric power.

8) Electricity facilitates education and health and other daily activities.

9) Water is mostly used in household works like cooking, bathing, etc.

10) There are many steps that can be taken to conserve water as well as electricity.

10 Lines on Save Water and Electricity

5 Lines on Save Water and Electricity

1) Water and electricity is our basic need.

2) Many technologies need electricity to work.

3) Life will be a halt without them.

4) We should save water for saving electricity.

5) We should off the light and tap after using.

20 Lines on Save Water and Electricity

1) Water and electricity are the principal elements that have a supporter of life on earth.

2) If we use these resources so unkindly soon the situation will become scary.

3) Water conservation techniques should be used.

4) Use of limited water and electricity in household works should be entertained.

5) Energy used for the production of electricity is solar power, wind power, hydraulic power.

6) Usage of more solar energy for the production of electricity should be promoted.

7) Use of curtains and blinds to reduce the effect of heat should be entertained.

8) Lights and fans should be turned off when not in use.

9) We should embrace nature and use the natural light and resources as possible.

10) Water and electricity conservation should include all the strategies to sustain the natural resources.

11) There are two basic resources which are very much essential for the survival of human beings one is water and another is electricity.

12) Water is directly found in the water bodies and electricity is produced by fossil fuels.

13) Water and electricity are available in limited quantity and only 3.5 percent of the water on the earth is usable.

14) Major issue right now is the world’s population which is increasing day and night and the demand for water and electricity is also very high.

15) Water and electricity are limited in quantity but demand is increasing against supply and if this situation continues then there will be a scarcity of both.

16) Another issue is that we are polluting our water bodies and doing illegal mining and exploration which is degrading our natural environment.

17) We need to understand the depletion of natural resources, the fact that natural resources are limited, and the need for conservation is very important to us.

18) Adopting conservation techniques of water and electricity and avoiding wastage of these resources should be the prime focus.

19) We must save water by closing the water taps after use, watering plants in the morning and evening, cleaning vehicles with a bucket of water, replacing the shower with a bucket, etc.

20) We must switch off the appliances after use, use energy-efficient appliances, emphasizing renewable energy like solar and bio-electricity.

Both water and electricity are essential for leading a good life. Without water it is hard to imagine that life will flourish on earth and without electricity, it will be an impossible challenge to finish our day-to-day work. Human beings take things for granted easily and do not think of the future. But the time has come when we should do the optimum utilization of natural resources and conserve it for the future generation.

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