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Save water is an awareness campaign to promote the water saving techniques among people as well as make them understand the importance of water in order to make the balance of water on earth.

Water, the most needed element for living beings on earth, is the huge issue to discuss. We are here providing four articles on this topic of save water with detailed description; all the articles contain important and essential information about save water like its uses, importance and problems due to lack of it. Articles are written with keeping in mind the need and requirements of students about this topic of “Save Water”.

Save Water Articles

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Water is the most required element that is surely a need of life on earth. We cannot imagine existence of any kind of living thing on earth without water. This fact has now become the bitter truth of life as the current situation of water on earth is not in well condition. Though the level of water has increased in seas due to heavy rainfall but the fresh and clean water is still left in fewer amounts on earth.

According to the statistics, it is found that only 1% of total water is left which is useful for human kind and 98.5% is available in sea which is salted water and not worth for existence of life.

Survival on earth completely depends on the fresh and pure water. A human body requires 2 to 3 litre (half to one gallon) of water for drinking purpose and 150 to 200 litre water is used for household activities in a day. Most of the fresh water is used in washing, cleaning and flushing toilet daily at home. Apart from conserving water from drinking or cooking purpose we need to modify the way of using water for other household activities in order to save it for future. A little step taken by us in manner to save water may show a tremendous positive result and will be proved very beneficial in future.

Better to use stored water for cleaning dishes, washing clothes, plantation, wiping or moping. Use of tabs or shower should be limited to avoid wastage of running water. Idea of storing rainfall may be effective by using this water in to other house hold work like sprinkling land, tree plantation or other work apart from cooking or drinking.

Results always require efforts, without doing proper efforts we cannot even imagine things to be better. Water is the precious gift by God given to us and proper management of water should be our first priority.

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Water is one of the most necessities for living on earth but unfortunately we have forgotten this fact and continuously consuming it without thinking the future result. All the living organisms require water for growth and nourishment like to grow plants water is required, every bird or animal quench their thirst with water and the biggest one is the whole humankind require water in various prospects like drinking, cleaning, washing, agriculture, manufacturing and many more.

Measured water on earth

About 71% area of earth is covered by water which is also referred as Hydrosphere of earth, in which 96.5% water is found in seas or oceans which are salted water and not useful for anyone. Also 1.7% is in ground water, 1.7% in glaciers and 0.001% in the air in form of vapour or clouds. 2.5% of total water on earth is fresh water in which 98.8% is ice and ground water; thus, only around 1% is found as potable water. By seeing this calculation we can imagine that how much water is available which is useful for us.

Lack of awareness about the proper way of consumption and save water among people may cause the poor situation of it in form of less and dirty water in rivers, ponds, lakes or seas. Also we can see that due to increased demand of technical advancement, rivers and lakes are polluted in a huge amount all over the country. Wrong way of discharging the impurities and poisonous chemicals in to rivers may cause the disaster result in form of hazardous diseases of cholera and dengue.

Precaution is the best option:

To save life on earth we require saving water on earth as without water life is not possible here. We can do lots of efforts for the better and limited use of water:

  • Try to use recirculation of water at home; discharged water from the water purifier should be use for plantation.
  • Make a habit of closing taps after the use; in fact, use water from the storage utensil for the daily activities instead of using running water from the tap.
  • Proper drain system should be applied at home so that dirty water in form of sewage would not mixed into river or sea.
  • Storage of rainy water should be applied which can be useful for other house hold activities like plantation, sprinkling land, or washings vehicles.
  • Factories or mills should be planned in this manner that they would not affect the rivers, ponds, lakes or oceans.
  • Plants plays a major role in rainfall thus to make proper execution of natural cycle, more plantation should be promoted.

Above were the major points that can be possible by the human efforts for saving fresh and clean water on earth. We know that a less amount of fresh water is left on earth which can be used by mankind; thus, without wasting more time we are required to be serious on this issue and do proper efforts for saving the precious gift by nature in form of water.

Article on Save Water 3(600 words)


One of the major environmental problems on earth has arises in form of water pollution. As we know, for existence of life on earth, water is the prime necessity and by seeing the current situation of our rivers, sea or ocean, we can imagine what would be the future of earth in coming years without water. Thus, Save Water is the leading demand of mankind for safe and better living on earth.

Water: a precious element

Though, it is not required to describe the importance of water in our life but let’s take a look on major factors that are highly dependent on the water.

  • A human body contains around 70% of water which is needed for its physical and mental growth. Various diseases arise due to dehydration of human’s body.
  • The human’s second need for living is food which comes from agriculture and for agriculture water is the prime requirement. Quality of food directly depends on the purity of water.
  • This world is growing so rapidly with one new invention on daily basis and for each invention water is required in some manner.
  • For production of Hydro electricity, which is a kind of renewal energy, is generated by water.
  • In house almost all domestic work is done by the use of water like cleaning, flushing, washing, moping or gardening.
  • In various places of desert areas where no water is found easily, people have to go miles to get water for their essential domestic needs.

Misuse of water:

In this current situation, when a less amount of fresh water is left on earth, we are still careless about the misuse of water, which is completely wrong in all way. We are continuously wasting this precious nature’s gift by doing some bad and objectionable acts.

  • People are fond of washing their car by using pipe which is just a big misuse of water.
  • Watering plants by pipe is another bad habit.
  • Cleaning few clothes in washing machine and washing dishes in dishwasher waste lots of water.
  • In spite of coking and drinking we waste around 150 to 200 litre water at home per day for one family having 2 members.
  • Any kind of leakage in taps or pipes at home may cause the wastage of water in a huge amount.
  • In agriculture, various people waste lots of water which can also be saved by using the proper managed way.
  • Manufacturing companies or plants are continuously discharging chemical element or poisonous gases into nearest river or lake by which water pollution is increasing day by day.

Apart from above, there are many other places which can be counted where water is misused without restriction.

Solutions to maintain purity of water:

Solutions are many for saving water only for those who really care for this beautiful nature and its legacy:

  • We can start saving water at our own home by doing some little modification in our typical household daily routine process like while using water directly from tap, always keep tap closed when not needed, etc.
  • In spite of bathing under shower, try to use bucket for avoiding the wastage of water.
  • Make a habit of storing rainfall and use it in washing your vehicles, floors, or sprinkling the land.
  • Washing machines or dishwasher should be fully loaded so that more clothes or dishes would be clean by the same amount of water in one time.
  • Apply a water meter at home like electricity meter so that we can regularly check how much amount of water has been used till now.
  • Use of water for plantation should be well managed. Try to water garden in morning or evening time because in noon time more water converts into vapour due to sunlight and the roots of plant could not get enough water for growing.
  • Factories or industries should be established in a way so that discharge of chemical elements would not affect the rivers or seas.


Water is the priceless gift given by god that is highly needed for living on earth. We can feel a kind of fear due to lack of this natural resource in future. Still we have time to save this prime necessity for the existence of life on earth, so that our future generation could easily make use of it.

Article on Save Water 4 (800 words)


Water is one of the most necessities of life that are required for living on earth. Water is the demand of life on earth, from the plants till the human, all living organisms could not survive here without water. Through research it has been proved that various planets have water over there like mars and moon but our earth is the only planet which has 70% of its area covered by water in three types of states (liquid, solid and gas).

The need of water

Water is not only use for quenching thirst but it is required for many things. Every era of life is somehow depends on water.

For fulfilling the demand of daily domestic work we need water for cooking, cleaning, washing, moping, planting, etc. For agriculture irrigation, water is essential thing that is required for the cropping of quality food. In manufacturing plants, water is the required element for any kind of production. For generating Hydro electricity water is used. In case of other activities like swimming, painting or printing water is needed. These are the major places where water is required apart from many other places we can see the importance of water like fire fighting companies do their work only by water.

Is current availability of water enough for future?

As we have mentioned above that in what areas water is used. Now let’s discuss that for how much long time we would be able to use it in future by comparing the consumption rate? This earth has total 70% of area covered by water of which 96.5% is sea or ocean salted water also 1.7% water is counted within ground as ground water and 1.7% in glaciers after that only 1% is left as fresh water which flows in rivers or lakes. Water rotates between three stages of solid liquid and gas on earth and this kind of cyclic rotation is called Water Cycle.

As we have already mentioned the major areas of our lifestyle where water is required thus we can assume that how much water is consuming on daily basis throughout the world and safe drinking water is only limited in stock. If we talk about our own country, in many desert areas people are still living with a huge crisis of water shortage or drought. People have to go miles far for brining water to fulfil the basic requirement at home.

The rate of clean water consumption is too high as compared to its availability on earth. In spite of using the recycling process, various things or processes (manufacturing plants) are executed in this way that by which our fresh water is polluted continuously. These kinds of plants discharge a huge amount of poisonous chemicals into rivers which is the main cause of water pollution. Water sewage discharge from houses also badly impure the rivers and sea.

Thus, it’s clear that currently we are suffering from this situation of less pure water then how much water (fresh water) we could get in future?

Do not misuse water:

Over use of water may cause a hazardous result in future as when we could not have clean water on earth, existence of life would not be possible any more.

Thus stop wasting water at your home, schools, offices, hospitals or public places. Teach your child to do not waste water as it is a priceless thing that helps us in living. Thousands of gallons water can be saved by a little precaution and care.

One day consumption of water of a family with two members is measured about 150 to 200 gallons which is quite high. It is highly needed for us to do efforts for saving water at our own level so that we can always blessed with this priceless gift by nature.

Small steps that may results big in matter of saving water:

  • Need to reconfirm or recheck all the leakage in faucets, pipes, taps or shower of houses.
  • Install high density toilet and small sized shower to avoid water wastage.
  • Tightly close the tap after use; in fact, for short period of time use stored water.
  • Rainwater harvesting is the best way of saving water and this water can be used further for gardening or washing your vehicle.
  • Before washing clothes, make sure that washing machine is fully loaded so that minimum use of water may clean large number of clothes at one time.
  • Instead of watering plants in noon time, prefer to do in morning or evening time so that root of plants may moisturize for a long time.
  • Water meter should be installed at home so that you can check and alert by the misuse of water.
  • Spread awareness among people about the importance of water in our life, also advice them some useful tips about saving water, in fact 22nd march is declared as “World Water day” for inspiring people all over the world about the proper care and management of water.


Water is tasteless and colourless with formula of H20. It’s importance for existence of life is known to all and also the current situation of it. It is hard to say that whether our new generation would be able to use water in future or not. If we really want our child to grow in a healthy and safe environment then we should definitely do efforts for saving water without which life is not possible any more.

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