10 Lines on Sadbhavana Divas

India is a country where we observe some specific event on every day of the calendar. It is very famous about India that we have more number of festivals in a year than the number of days. One of these events or festivals is 'Sadbhavana Divas' which we are going to talk about through the sets of 10 lines below. You should check all of them right now.

Ten Lines on Sadbhavana Divas

Set 1

1) Sadbhavana Divas comes on 20 August every year.

2) All the congressmen and the leaders from other political parties pay respect to Rajiv Gandhi at Veer Bhoomi, Delhi.

3) This day promotes communal harmony and National Integration.

4) Rajiv Gandhi was the Goodwill Ambassador to the world.

5) Rajiv Gandhi was famous for his assertive policies in restoring world peace.

6) As the Prime Minister, he averted a 1986 Seychelles coup by sending Indian navy.

7) He was instrumental in the suppression of the 1988 Maldives coup.

8) Rajiv Gandhi had released the leaders of Akali Dal, who were in jail after the Operation Blue Star.

9) He sent IPKF (Indian Peacekeeping force) to Sri Lanka in 1989 to restore civilian order.

10) AICC gave Rajiv Gandhi National Sadbhavana Award for exceptional contribution in promoting communal harmony.

Set 2

1) The ‘Sadbhavana Divas’ in India is the birth anniversary of Rajiv Gandhi.

2) It is a festival to promote communal harmony and national integration.

3) Paying homage to Rajiv Gandhi is the most important tradition to be followed on the day.

4) Rajiv Gandhi was the youngest Prime Minister of India.

5) He always helped our neighbouring countries during their hard time and spread the message of Goodwill and Peace.

6) The organisation of many cultural events and programmes is a part of the celebration of the day.

7) The Rajiv Gandhi Sadbhavana Award is an award for outstanding contribution in promoting communal harmony.

8) All sections of society participate in many Sadbhavana Rallies conducted on the day.

9) People spread the message of plantation and pledge for the protection of the environment for ‘Clean & Green India’.

10) ‘Sadbhavana Divas’ helps to spread the importance of Goodwill, Communal Harmony and National Integration.

Set 3

1) Sadbhavana Day reminds us of Late Rajiv Gandhi.

2) Rajiv Gandhi was the sixth and the youngest prime minister of India till the date.

3) Every Indian celebrates Sadbhavana Divas with great enthusiasm.

4) People of every religion participate in the celebration for their beloved prime minister.

5) Planting Trees is an important tradition that people on the day.

6) Also, Schools and Collages organize Sadbhawna march/rally on this day.

7) Rajiv Gandhi always promoted equality that is why people of every social status pay him tribute.

8) People celebrate by taking a pledge to follow non-violence and help everyone being indifferent to caste, religion or colour.

9) State governments of India organize some social and cultural events on this day.

10) Rajiv Gandhi was not only a political leader but also a leader of the people of India.

Set 4

1) Rajiv Gandhi was a member of the Indian National Congress.

2) The members of Congress Party visit Veer Bhumi on this day to commemorate him.

3) Veer Bhumi is the resting place of Rajiv Gandhi in New Delhi.

4) Congress Party starts the celebration by cutting a cake in memory of him.

5) On this day, people decorate the statues of Rajiv Gandhi with flowers and wreaths.

6) It is also a day for presenting the Rajiv Gandhi National Sadbhawna Award.

7) Sadbhawna Diwas will always remain an important event in the Indian calendar.

8) Rajiv Gandhi National Sadbhawna Award is a tribute to Rajiv Gandhi on Sadbhavana Divas.

9) Rajiv Gandhi always wanted to make India a developed nation.

10) The Sadbhawna Diwas is also famous as Rajiv Gandhi Renewable Energy Day across India.

Sadbhavana Divas is a very important day, and we all will celebrate it for many years. We can never forget the contributions of Rajiv Gandhi in the technical advancement of India. He was a true politician who completely dedicated his life for the service of his people.