10 Lines on Rainbow

When rainfall occurs for a shorter period of time, then after rainfall we have seen a band of seven colours which just starts from one end and gets completed at another end, it is called a rainbow. The bright colours of rainbow look very beautiful and it is like an essence in the surrounding. After looking at the rainbow, life becomes full of colours and positivity. Whole environment looks very fresh and beautiful. Rainbow adds colours to the green nature and enhances it natural beauty.

Ten Lines on Rainbow in English

We have provided a set of ten lines on rainbow in English. After reading these lines you will know about what is a rainbow, what are the colours in a rainbow, how rainbow is formed, what is the location of rainbow, what is a double rainbow, where sun lies when rainbow is formed, where rainbow is formed in the sky etc.

You can add these lines in your essays and paragraphs writing in your exams as well as in the school competition. You will also be able to learn more about rainbow and it will also make you ready for quizzes.

10 Lines on Rainbow

1) A rainbow is an arc of colour which appears in the sky when sun shines after the rainfall.

2) Rainbow forms a semicircle starting from one end of the earth to another end.

3) Rainbow contains a pattern of seven colours viz Violet, Indigo, Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange, Red.

4) A rainbow is formed when a white light passes through the droplets of water and split into seven colours.

5) A rainbow is actually round like a circle, but on the ground the bottom part is hidden.

6) There are two main components by which a rainbow is formed i.e. light and drops of water.

7) Sometimes double rainbow is also formed, with the reversed pattern of colours in which red will come first and violet will come last.

8) A rainbow is not located at a particular place from the person, a rainbow appears as a magical effect caused by water droplets.

9) Rainbow is formed opposite to the sun i.e. when sun lies in east then rainbow is formed in west and vice versa.

10) A rainbow is formed when rainfall occurs in one part of the sky and another part remains sunny.

10 Lines and Sentences on Rainbow

1) Rainbow comes from the Latin word ‘Arcus Pluvius’ which means ‘Rainy Arc’.

2) There is a belief among people that if a rainbow appears after rainfall, then it gives the indication that there will be no more rains.

3) Looking at the rainbow is very soothing to our eyes and children get very excited seeing a rainbow in the sky.

4) In ancient times rainbow was considered as a symbol of peace and harmony in the society.

5) In Greek civilization, rainbow was considered as a bridge between the heaven and the earth.

6) The world’s long-lasting rainbow was seen in Sheffield, England on March 14, 1994 which lasted for 6 hours.

7) The state of Hawaii in America is the only place on earth, where rainbows occur most.

8) Red colour rainbows formed after rainfall during sunrise or sunset is called as ‘Monochrome Rainbow’.

9) The semicircle formed by rainbow makes a 42-degree angle which starts from the direction opposite to the sun.

10) When the sun is lower, then the rainbow formed in the sky will be higher.

10 Lines on Rainbow

5 Lines on Rainbow

1) Rainbow is a colorful arc.

2) It appears in the sky.

3) It consists of seven colors.

4) Children love watching rainbow.

5) They can be seen in the rainy season.

20 Lines on Rainbow

1) A rainbow is a colourful arc formed in the sky during rains.

2) Both rain and sun are mandatory for a rainbow to take shape.

3) A rainbow is formed when light from the sun falls on the water droplets, resulting in a colourful spectrum.

4) A rainbow is caused by three phenomenon of light – reflection, refraction and dispersion.

5) Rainbows are caused by sunlight and are always formed directly opposite to the sun.

6) A rainbow is not a physical object and thus cannot be approached.

7) A rainbow could be seen only from a specific angle (42°) from the direction of the source of light.

8) Starting from the bottom, a rainbow constitutes seven colors – violet, indigo, blue, green, yellow, orange and red i.e. (VIBGYOR).

9) Rainbows are not necessarily caused by rains but can also be caused by any spray of water due to mist, fog or dew.

10) A rainbow is also commonly formed near waterfalls and fountains.

11) Rainbow is a colored arc formed in the sky while it’s raining in one part and the other part is sunny.

12) Sometimes from an airplane, it is possible to see a full circular rainbow.

13) Occurrence of a rainbow depends on sunlight, suitable atmospheric conditions as well as position of the viewer.

14) A rainbow is formed due to sunlight falling on floating water droplets just after the rain.

15) Sometimes two rainbows appear one over the other but with reverse order of colors.

16) In order to see a rainbow, the observer must have his/her back to the sun; also s/he must be facing the rain.

17) A rainbow can also be caused by the light from the moon, which is called a “Moonbow”.

18) Moonbows are much fainter in appearance than the rainbows and are often perceived to be white.

19) Since thousands of years rainbows have fascinated humans who are overwhelmed by their beauty.

20) Rainbows are most likely to appear during sunrise or sunset.

Rainbow looks very colourful and it occurs when white light passes through water droplets in the sky and gets scattered in seven colours. Rainbow occurs in the sky after the rainfall, generally if it occurs for a very small duration. Rainbow is a scenic beauty which glorifies the nature by giving freshness, brightness and colour to the nature and environment.

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