10 Lines on Parents

Parents are the most valuable gifts given by the god to us. Parents consists of mother and father who give birth to us, they nurture us from our childhood. Our parents have started taking care of us since we were small babies and nurtured us to become grown. From our childhood, teenage and young age stages we always need the help, experience and advice of parents. They can live in scarcity but they will not let us face any tough situation.

Parents work hard to provide us all the resources which are helpful for our overall development. It may be physical, mental, educational, social and financial development. They will not say how much pain they are facing because they don’t want to see us sad.

Ten Lines on Parents in English

We are providing a set of ten lines on parents in English. After reading these lines you will come to know that who are the parents, are ancestors also our parents, what are the types of parents, who is a mother, who is a father, who are grandparents, what role do parents play, what they do for us etc.

You can add these lines in your essays and paragraph writing in your exam as well as in the school competition. You can also use these lines during paragraph recitation in your class:

10 Lines on Parents

1) Parents are the caretaker of their offspring i.e. their children.

2) Parents play an important role in our mental, physical, social, financial and career development.

3) Parents are the mother and father of a child and they could be biologically or legally related to a person.

4) Our ancestors who were either two or more generations before us are also considered as parents.

5) Mother, Father and Grandparents, both from mother and father’s side are also considered as parents.

6) Mother is the female parent who gives birth to the child.

7) Father is a male parent of a child who shares the responsibility to raise the child.

8) Parents of mother are called ‘Maternal Grandparents’ whereas parents of father are called ‘Paternal Grandparents’.

9) Parents do everything and sometimes far from their capacity just to make their child happy.

10) They work hard for day and night for their children’s education, and feel proud when their child gets success in life.