10 Lines on Parents

Parents are the most valuable gifts given by the god to us. Parents consists of mother and father who give birth to us, they nurture us from our childhood. Our parents have started taking care of us since we were small babies and nurtured us to become grown. From our childhood, teenage and young age stages we always need the help, experience and advice of parents. They can live in scarcity but they will not let us face any tough situation.

Parents work hard to provide us all the resources which are helpful for our overall development. It may be physical, mental, educational, social and financial development. They will not say how much pain they are facing because they don’t want to see us sad.

Ten Lines on Parents in English

We are providing a set of ten lines on parents in English. After reading these lines you will come to know that who are the parents, are ancestors also our parents, what are the types of parents, who is a mother, who is a father, who are grandparents, what role do parents play, what they do for us etc.

You can add these lines in your essays and paragraph writing in your exam as well as in the school competition. You can also use these lines during paragraph recitation in your class:

10 Lines on Parents – Set 1

1) Parents are the caretaker of their offspring i.e. their children.

2) Parents play an important role in our mental, physical, social, financial and career development.

3) Parents are the mother and father of a child and they could be biologically or legally related to a person.

4) Our ancestors who were either two or more generations before us are also considered as parents.

5) Mother, Father and Grandparents, both from mother and father’s side are also considered as parents.

6) Mother is the female parent who gives birth to the child.

7) Father is a male parent of a child who shares the responsibility to raise the child.

8) Parents of mother are called ‘Maternal Grandparents’ whereas parents of father are called ‘Paternal Grandparents’.

9) Parents do everything and sometimes far from their capacity just to make their child happy.

10) They work hard for day and night for their children’s education, and feel proud when their child gets success in life.

We have provided another set of ten lines on parents.  These lines will help you to know about what is the importance of parents in our life, what they do for us, what is their role in a child’ life, how a child learns from his parents, who are adopted children, what is surrogacy, who is a single parent etc.

You can add these lines in your speeches, essays and also extempore competitions in the school especially on the occasion of “Global Parents Day” on 1st of June every year.

10 Lines on Parents – Set 2

1) Parents are the first teacher and mentors of their child, both have great contribution in developing the personality of their children.

2) The experience and knowledge of parents helps a child to become a civilized and well behaved human being.

3) Parents are the support which helps us to walk, speak, and teach the difference between right and wrong.

4) They act as a protector for a child and save them from evils of society.

5) Parents are the children’s role model and they copy and imitate the same things what their parents do.

6) Parents play an important role in encouraging and motivating their children to learn.

7) A child acquires skill in the very beginning of his life because his parents are responsive and understanding.

8) There are some parents who have adopted children, i.e. they have not given birth to them but they raise and care them as the real parents do.

9) Couples can also become parents through ‘Surrogacy’ in which a third person agrees to give birth to their child.

10) Parents are like umbrella for the children who save and protect them from difficulties and help them to become self reliant.

Set - 3

1) Parents are the most valuable gift of god for every child on this earth.

2) They are the one who gives birth to us in this world.

3) They look after us from childhood till adult.

4) Parents teach us morality and good values of life to make us a better and responsible citizen of society.

5) Parents are exemplars for their children.

6) Parents help in the overall development of their children.

7) They are considered as the first teacher of a child before he/she goes to school.

8) They make us ready for facing the future struggles of life.

9) Parents can sometimes become harsh but that is only for our betterment only.

10) We can never be successful in our life without their support and blessings.

Set - 4

1) Biological parents are those who bring the child into this world by giving birth.

2) The male and female gametes of the parents fertilize that result in the birth of a child.

3) The genetic constitution of a child matches with 50% of genes from the biological mother and 50% from the father.

4) Parents who do not give birth to the child but look after and nurtures the child from childhood are called adoptive parents.

5) Grandparents are also like our parents as they love and take good care of us.

6) Parents provide physical, mental, moral, financial support to a child.

7) They are always with us in every situation of life.

8) Parents provide us everything that we need in our life without caring for their own needs.

9) June 1 every year is observed as 'Global Day of Parents' in the entire world.

10) The day is celebrated to pay tribute to all the parents for their immense love and sacrifice for their children.

Parents always want to see their children as successful and respectable people in society. They feel proud when everybody recognizes them as their children’s father and mother. It will not be wrong to say that our parents are shadows and we are the reflection of our parents. In all religions, it is said that serving our parents is equal to reaching heaven. They are equal to God who is living with us. We must serve them, respect them, and obey them; in a nutshell, we must try to become good children.