10 Lines on Shark

Many of us have seen sharks on the TV channels that how a shark slowly goes behind its prey and hunts it. Sharks are one of the big fishes in seas and oceans that have a very frightening look. They have an attacking nature and the ability to kill humans also. Sharks mainly live in seas and oceans as they eat sea animals. Sometimes they also eat other animals or humans who come close to the seas and oceans. Sharks have an excellent capacity for smelling and hearing, due to this ability, they sense their prey from very far places.

Sharks have different species and can be found in almost every part of the world which is surrounded by either sea or ocean. Sharks also have the ability to damage small boats which fisherman uses to catch fishes.

Ten Lines on Shark in English

We have provided a set of ten lines on shark in English. After going through these lines, you will know what a shark is, what is the colour of sharks, what is the physical structure of a shark, what a shark eats, how sharks hunt, which shark eats dead animals in the sea, which shark attacks human, how sharks help in ocean cleaning etc.

You can add these lines in your essays and paragraph writing in your exam as well as in your school competition. Apart from your academics it will also increase you knowledge on sharks which could also be used in various quiz competitions.

10 Lines on Shark

1) A shark is a bigger, frightening and attacking aquatic animal of the sea.

2) The colours of sharks may range from dark blue to grey or brown with a white belly.

3) Shark has a long, slim and a straight body which helps it to swim fast and to go deep inside the water.

4) A shark has two powerful tail fins which look like the wings.

5) Sharks have big jaws which contains lots of sharp pointed teeth due to which the shark catches its prey easily.

6) Sharks are the carnivorous animal and they eat fishes, aquatic animals and other living creatures of the sea and they sometimes attack human beings also.

7) Sharks attack their prey suddenly giving no chance for the prey to run from the spot.

8) White Sharks generally feed on hunting but they also eat the dead animals which lie in the sea.

9) ‘Great White Shark’, ‘Tiger Shark’ and ‘Bull Shark’ are the most dangerous sharks with a very attacking nature.

10) Sharks eat a number of things lying in the sea and they help in the natural cleaning of the seas and the oceans.