10 Lines on Whale

Whales are the biggest aquatic animal of the world and we all have watched whales mostly on TV. Whales can be found in each and every sea and ocean of this world. Whales are not considered in the category of fishes, they are the largest mammal because they produce offspring. Blue whale is considered as the largest animal in the world with the length of 100 feet. The nature and behaviour of whales is also not of attacking type. They only eat small fishes, and other sea products etc, they have the ability to go deep inside the sea and stay for a few minutes.

Ten Lines on Whale in English

We have given ten lines on whale in English. These lines will answer all your questions regarding whales like what is a whale, how does a whale look, how a whale breathes, what a whale eats, how a whale takes its food, when a whale does not take food, how many years a whale lives, how many species of whales are in this world etc.

You can add these lines in your essay and paragraph writing in your exam and in school competitions. It will also be an addition to your knowledge of whales which will help you in various competitive exams and quizzes.

10 Lines on Whale

1) A whale is the largest animal of earth and it is huge in size in comparison with other animals of sea and land.

2) Whales are usually straight in size and have almost hairless and very fatty skin which acts as an insulator to the body.

3) The head of the whale is very large with wide mouth having no external neck.

4) Whales have two nostrils called ‘Blowholes’ and it is positioned at far back on the top of the head.

5) Whales are carnivorous in nature; some whales eat small fishes, phytoplankton and krill fishes whereas some eat other sea animals.

6) The mouth of whale is very large which it opens to hold big amount of water and filters the water to takes its food.

7) Some whales have sharp teeth and have a big forehead; these whales produce sound to know the exact location of their prey.

8) When whales migrate, they do not eat food at that time, the only thing they do is to move ahead and take rest for sometimes.

9) On an average the whales live up to 45 to 50 years whereas killer whales live only up to 25 years.

10) There are about 100 species of whales which are known to the world.

10 Lines and Sentences on Whale

1) There are around 200000 whales present in the world, out of which 5000 whales are living in Indian Ocean.

2) The size of the whales varies from 2.6 metres, to 29.9 metres from smallest to largest respectively.

3) The ‘Dwarf Sperm Whale’ has the size of 9 feet whereas a ‘Blue Whale’ has the size of 100 feet.

4) The size of Blue Whale is as big as the size of a basketball court and the length is as long as three school buses.

5) When a female whale gives birth to its offspring, it is called as a ‘Calf’.

6) Whales sometimes release pressurized air from its blowhole, making a fountain of water called as ‘Blow’.

7) Normally, whales come out of water after every 35 minutes to breathe. A ‘Sperm Whale’ can live inside the water for 90 minutes.

8) The weight of the male whale is up to 100 to 1600 kg whereas weight of female whale is 700 to 1200 kg.

9) Illegal and excessive hunting of whales have brought down the population of whales to very low in numbers.

10) Whales are hunted for their meat and oils mostly in countries like Iceland and Japan where whale hunting is legal.

5 Lines on Whale

1) A whale is a large fish.

2) Human hunts whales.

3) They are carnivores.

4) They have heavy weight.

5) They are the largest aquatic animals.

20 Lines on Whale

1) A whale is the biggest aquatic mammal on this earth.

2) A streamlined body, smooth skin, external ear, flippers, and large anal fin are the body features of a whale.

3) Whale spends its entire life inside the water.

4) Whale cannot rotate its head as its neck vertebrae are fused.

5) It is a carnivore and feeds mainly on krill and some sea animals.

6) The gestation period in a whale is of one year.

7) Whale feed its young ones with its own milk up to 6 months after birth.

8) The offspring of the whale is called a ‘calf’.

9) Whale produces sounds like clicks, whistles, trills that help it in navigating and communicating.

10) The blue whale is the largest animal on Earth weighing 173 tons and 33m long.

11) Whale is a warm-blooded giant creature that belongs to the order Cetacea.

12) It is differentiated into Baleen and Toothed whales.

13) Whale breathes by staying near the surface of the water to get air.

14) The average lifespan of the whale is 40-100 years of age.

15) Whale is social by nature and live in groups called pods.

16) The structure of the dorsal fin helps in distinguishing between male and female whales.

17) Whale remains conscious while sleeping as it needs to go to the surface to get air for breathing.

18) It is an intelligent aquatic animal with a great curiosity for learning.

19) Whales are mostly hunted and killed by human beings for obtaining meat and oil.

20) The extensive hunting of whales has resulted in endangering many species of whales.

Whales are large animals of the world but excess hunting of whales is pushing them on the verge of extinction. They majorly get hunted for their meat and oil. In some parts of the world, hunting of whales is legal which a major challenge for the survival of whales. Many sanctuaries have also been made for the conservation of whales in the world to save them from hunting. Whales are one of the beautiful creatures and they should also be given equal importance as other animals.

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