10 Lines on My Hobby

Having a hobby is definitely a good thing, and everybody has some kind of hobby. Some people like singing, dancing, playing etc while others like trekking, travelling, adventure sports etc. My hobby is reading books. I like it practicing most when I have free time. I like all types of books but books on fairy tales, books based on some great personalities are my favourite. I read books with much interest and dedication. I read books mostly in English language but I like reading Hindi books also.

I think books are not just a part of my life but they complete my life. I can live without eating, sleeping or any other activity but I can’t live without reading books.

Ten Lines on My Hobby in English

We are providing a set of ten lines on My Hobby in English. After reading these lines you will know about what is a hobby, can a person have only one hobby, what is my hobby, what books I have read, what books teach us, what books I have read, what books have taught me etc. You can add these lines in your essay and paragraph writing in your exam as well as in a school competitions also:

10 Lines on My Hobby

1) A hobby is a favourite activity or a habit of a person which he does regularly in his free time for his entertainment and enjoyment.

2) It is not necessary that a person can have only one hobby; he can acquire more than one hobby also.

3) I have also got a hobby of reading books, newspapers and magazines which is a very interesting kind of hobby for me.

4) I am fond of reading fairy tales and I have read ‘Panchatantra’ and ‘Hitopadesh’ also.

5) Panchatantra and Hitopadesh are very good books as they give you valuable teachings through small stories.

6) Panchatantra and hitopadesh will give you the moral education which will help you in becoming a good human being.

7) The characters involved in these two books are animals of the jungle and through these animals the teachings are given to the mankind.

8) I have also read the stories of ‘Ramayana’ and ‘Mahabharata’ and I consider these two books are the best books of my life.

9) Ramayana tells the story of ‘Lord Ram’ and Mahabharata tells the story of battle between ‘Kauravas’ and ‘Pandavas’.

10) Ramayana and Mahabharata tell about the victory of good over evil and teach us that whatever be the situation, one must never surrender in his life.

10 Lines and Sentences on My Hobby

1) Our hobbies not only give us pleasure and enjoyment but they shape our personality also and they increase our knowledge and capacity to think better.

2) My hobby is reading books and it fulfills my search of knowledge and information.

3) Reading books also enhances our vocabulary and improves our communication skill.

4) Reading books could save you from various mental illnesses like Alzheimer and Dementia etc.

5) Hobby like reading books helps you to reduce stress, anxiety and also improves focus level.

6) Books have the power to inspire and motivate us by telling the stories of such people who established themselves facing all odds of life.

7) Reading books makes us able to generate new ideas and enhances our creativity.

8) The creativity developed through reading books could also turn your hobby to a profession.

9) Reading books could also make you a good writer and add value to your profession.

10) Reading books enhances your imagination and makes you think out of the box.

5 Lines on My Hobby

1) My hobby is reading books.

2) I love reading novels.

3) It enhances my reading skills.

4) It always keeps me entertained.

5) It helps to boost my imagination power.

20 Lines on My Hobby

1) A hobby is an activity that we like to do in our leisure time.

2) Hobbies keep on changing as the trend changes in society.

3) Hobby apart from being a time pass work is the best way of learning new things.

4) It helps to keep ourselves away from several bad habits.

5) Hobbies of our life help in developing creativity in us.

6) It helps us to recognize the hidden talents in us.

7) Hobbies reduce the boredom of life and make it more interesting to live.

8) They are the activities that aid in relieving the stress of the mind.

9) Hobbies help us in connecting ourselves with other people in society.

10) It is essential for us to cultivate some hobbies in life rather than being idle.

11) A hobby is about pursuing our interests in continuation with our regular work.

12) People can have one or more activities as their hobby.

13) Listening to music as well as singing songs is my favorite hobby.

14) I also love reading books and traveling to several places as my hobby.

15) It is said that music is the best way of healing our body and mind.

16) Traveling to me is about getting knowledge about different places and experiencing their beauty and importance.

17) Reading is an activity that gives me inner satisfaction.

18) I love reading storybooks, epics, and novels.

19) It also helps in enriching my vocabulary with several new words.

20) The hobbies of my life inculcate positivity in me and help me in utilizing my spare time.

Having a hobby is a great thing for each and everyone because it not only entertains you but also gives you various benefits which can improve the quality of your life. It reduces your mental stress and gives a soothing and relaxing feeling. My hobby is also one of them and I read various kinds of books. I have also started writing so that I could make my hobby as my profession.

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