10 Lines on Snake

Snake are reptile which resembles like lizards and they have the ability to go anywhere. Snakes can also climb to the high rise buildings and trees. It is a long creature which takes circular shapes and moves from one place to another. The tongue of a snake is a forked one and flicks regularly in and out. There are various sizes of snakes from small to big. Some species of snakes are very poisonous that it could kill anyone. The venom of snakes is also used in various medicines.

Ten Lines on Snake in English

We are giving ten lines on snake in English through which you will understand as what is snake, what is the internal structure of a snake, what is the condition of a snake’s eyes, how a snake listens, what function a snake’s tongue performs, what is the structure of a snake’s skin, where snakes are not found etc. You can add these lines in your essay and paragraph writing in the exam as well as in the school competitions and speeches and enhance your writing skill and earn appreciation from your audience:

10 Lines on Snake

1) A snake is reptile which does not have legs but it can move from one place to another by crawling.

2) Snakes are vertebrates which mean they have backbone in their body.

3) A snake has a long, slim and flexible body with scaly skin.

4) Snake’s eyes do not move and it does not have common eye lid.

5) Some types of snakes have a special gap or pit located near their eyes which helps to detect even a small change in temperature.

6) Snakes don’t have ears but have an ear bone called ‘Columella’ to detect vibrations.

7) Snakes have long forked tongue which is used to detect food in nearby place or to stay away from their enemies.

8) The skin of the snake is made up of many layers of scale which is the thin flat layers of skin to protect a reptile.

9) Snakes grow throughout their life and they shed out their old skin as a routine process of their growth.

10) Snakes can be found in almost all parts of the world except New Zealand and Ireland.