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10 Lines on Pollution

Pollution has become so normal nowadays that we have started ignoring it without considering its aftermath. Pollution is caused due to the introduction of harmful and toxic substances into our natural resources majorly by the human induced activities. These substances are not only harmful for mankind but also affect the ecosystem of our planet. If it is not controlled now then it will take the shape of a monster very soon.

Ten Lines on Pollution in English

Given below are the 10 Lines on Pollution, its cause and effects on mankind and on our ecosystem.

10 Lines on Pollution - 1

  1. Pollution is the contamination of natural environment and resources with toxic elements.
  2. Introduction of chemicals and allergens into the environment also comes under pollution.
  3. Air, Water, Noise, Soil and Radioactive are some of the major types of pollution.
  4. Industrial and vehicular emissions are majorly responsible for air pollution.
  5. Human and industrial sewage causes water pollution.
  6. Heavy metals like Arsenic and Mercury are responsible for the contamination of ground water.
  7. The heavy sounds from the machines and transportation system causes noise pollution.
  8. Air pollution can cause serious health problems like allergy, respiratory infections and even heart attack.
  9. The radioactive waste can damage internal organs, cells and even cause cancer.
  10. Planting more trees, proper waste disposal and conservation of natural resources are few measures to fight pollution.

10 Lines on Pollution - 2

  1. Pollution is caused due to the mixing of toxic gases and chemicals into the ecosystem.
  2. Harmful gases and chemicals from the chimneys of factories pollute the air.
  3. The drainage of household and industrial waste into the river contaminates the river water.
  4. The enormous use of plastics has given rise to Plastic Pollution.
  5. Millions of people get killed every year due to the pollution related diseases.
  6. Overuse of fertilizers and pesticides causes soil pollution and make the soil infertile while also contaminating ground water.
  7. The hazardous waste from the nuclear plants lead to radioactive pollution, the most dreaded pollution of all.
  8. A small duration of exposure to radioactive radiation might be fatal to human as well as other species.
  9. Recycle, reduce and reuse of natural resources are ways of pollution control.
  10. Reduction of vehicular and industrial pollution, using renewable sources of energy, proper sanitation and correct waste disposal can reduce pollution.

Pollution had already affected our natural resources like Water, Air and Land. Its harmful effects are inevitable. Millions of people are getting killed due to poisonous air and contaminated water. It is our duty to save our nature because our survival is primarily depended on our nature. If we want to save our earth we should stand up and fight for the cause.