10 Lines on Pollution

“Pollution”, these days has become one of the most talked about subjects, concerning the planet. Considering the ill effects of pollution on the health of humans as well as that of the environment, many nations and individual organizations have come forward to tackle it in the most feasible way possible. Pollution basically refers to the introduction of toxic, unwanted substances into our natural environment.

Where do these toxic pollutants come from? Well, the truth is tough to digest, nevertheless, it is true that the pollution that threatens the environment and life on planet, is primarily a result of human activities. Industries emitting toxic fumes into the atmosphere and chemical waste in the water bodies are a perfect example of human induced pollution. Similarly, burning of fossil fuels for transportation, deforestation and use of plastic also contribute to the pollution.

Ten Lines on Pollution in English

We have given below 10 lines on Pollution so that you can understand the severity of the topic in an easy and quick way.

These few lines about pollution will be very much helpful to you if you are writing an essay, short paragraph or even preparing a speech for your morning assembly or for any special days like Earth Day, Swachh Bharat Mission, or any other environment related occasions.

These special points on pollution when included will make your essay or speech more effective and inspiring. These given important lines on pollution are written in a very easy and simple language so that you easily understand it and enhance you writing skill:

10 Lines on Pollution - Set 1

1) Pollution is an act of mixing some unwanted elements in the natural resources.

2) The main types of pollutions are Air pollution, water pollution and land pollution.

3) Pollution is caused by both nature as well as human.

4) The natural causes of pollution are flood, Forest fire and volcano etc.

5) Pollution is not a national but a global problem.

6) Reuse, Reduce and Recycle are the best measures to stop Pollution.

7) Acid Rain and Global Warming are the results of Pollution.

8) Pollution always puts a negative effect on animals and humans.

9) The polluted air and water causes many diseases in humans and animals.

10) We can stop pollution by using eco-friendly resources and solar panels.

We have provided second set of 10 important points about facts and information of Pollution. These few lines are prepared in easy language and especially for students whether of lower classes or higher classes. The special lines will help them in understanding what pollution is and how we can reduce it. So let’s start reading the given set.

10 Lines on Pollution - Set 2

1) Pollution is the contamination of natural environment and resources with toxic elements.

2) Introduction of chemicals and allergens into the environment also comes under pollution.

3) Air, Water, Noise, Soil and Radioactive are some of the major types of pollution.

4) Industrial and vehicular emissions are majorly responsible for air pollution.

5) Human and industrial sewage causes water pollution.

6) Heavy metals like Arsenic and Mercury are responsible for the contamination of ground water.

7) The heavy sounds from the machines and transportation system causes noise pollution.

8) Air pollution can cause serious health problems like allergy, respiratory infections and even heart attack.

9) The radioactive waste can damage internal organs, cells and even cause cancer.

10) Planting more trees, proper waste disposal and conservation of natural resources are few measures to fight pollution.

We have given below third set of ten lines on pollution. It will help you to amplify your knowledge on the topic and also you can add some more points in your essay, speech or paragraph recitation in your class. These facts about pollution given below are different from the first set and will make your writing look unique and interesting. Please go through these important lines below and enhance your writing and make a positive impression in the minds of your audience:

10 Lines on Pollution - Set 3

1) Pollution is caused due to the mixing of toxic gases and chemicals into the ecosystem.

2) Harmful gases and chemicals from the chimneys of factories pollute the air.

3) The drainage of household and industrial waste into the river contaminates the river water.

4) The enormous use of plastics has given rise to Plastic Pollution.

5) Millions of people get killed every year due to the pollution related diseases.

6) Overuse of fertilizers and pesticides causes soil pollution and make the soil infertile while also contaminating ground water.

7) The hazardous waste from the nuclear plants lead to radioactive pollution, the most dreaded pollution of all.

8) A small duration of exposure to radioactive radiation might be fatal to human as well as other species.

9) Recycle, reduce and reuse of natural resources are ways of pollution control.

10) Reduction of vehicular and industrial pollution, using renewable sources of energy, proper sanitation and correct waste disposal can reduce pollution.

Below we have provided yet another set of 10 lines on pollution. It is effectively written in an easy to understand language to ensure a smooth and quick understanding of the matter. These facts on pollution will give you an insight into the subject, enhancing your knowledge.

10 Lines on Pollution - Set 4

1) Pollution refers to the introduction of unwanted foreign substance/s in to the environment.

2) “Environmental Pollution” is the most popular term used to refer to pollution.

3) Environmental pollution includes – air pollution, water pollution, land pollution, etc.

4) Pollution has a poisonous and depleting effect on our natural resources.

5) Nearly all of the polluting substances are produced by human activities.

6) Unplanned urbanization, industrialization and heavy transportation, cause various pollutions.

7) Pollution is a threat to natural resources as well as to the life of humans, plants and other species.

8) We are fast losing our freshwater resources, due to plastic and other pollutants.

9) Environmental pollution has more severe consequences like global warming and climate change.

10) The fight against pollution requires a collective effort by everyone on war footing basis.

Below given is the fifth set of 10 Lines on Pollution. This set will enhance your knowledge on the subject of pollution and make you more sensible towards the cause of saving the planet from its undesirable effects. This set of 10 points on pollution could be used in a school competition for speech presentation or essay writing.

10 Lines on Pollution - Set 5

1) Pollution refers to the introduction of a harmful, poisonous substance into our natural surroundings.

2) These poisonous substances are termed as pollutants and are produced due to human activities.

3) Pollutants could be in the form of solid, liquid or gas.

4) Examples of solid, liquid and gas pollutants are garbage, factory chemicals, and Methane respectively.

5) Uncontrolled pollution threatens the life of the planet.

6) The presence of pollutants in our natural resources renders them dangerous to consume or use.

7) Water pollution causes diseases like diarrhea, typhoid, dysentery etc.

8) Air pollution is the main cause for several lung diseases and respiratory problems.

9) Effective sewage treatment and waste management are some of the ways to control pollution.

10) Chemical manufacturing and transportation are some of the most polluting industries.

The 6th set of 10 lines on Pollution is provided below. Pollution is such a wide topic that it made us to create another set about it. The set comprises some useful information and data for the reader and going through all the points of it will be beneficial for the reader. The set is created in easy language so reading it will not be complex. Have a look.

10 Lines on Pollution – Set 6

1) Pollution is the most serious threat to the whole world.

2) Pollution has destroyed all the natural resources provided us by the god without any cost.

3) Human is the foremost reason to increase pollution so much rapidly that it has covered the whole world in very less time.

4) Urbanization and Industrialization are the two biggest reasons at present for the increase in pollution.

5) Pollution is always harmful to living beings like animals, birds, and humans.

6) Pollution causes many serious diseases like Cancer, Asthma, Skin disease, Chest pain, and death also.

7) Damage to the environment and ecosystem made through pollution can be recovered.

8) The uncontrolled behaviour of humans towards the ecosystem must be checked to stop pollution.

9) Planting trees, keeping water resources clean, banning the use of plastic is the several effective ways to reduce pollution.

10) We must remember that single damage to nature will return as multiple damages to the human.

Pollution is a global phenomenon and must be dealt with globally. It would be a mistake to underestimate its consequences and not work together on it. Pollution anywhere could be a risk of life everywhere, so, it must be dealt with stern resolve and together.

Both the governments and the common public are required to do their bit to eliminate or at least subdue the effects of pollution. For this, new policies governing waste management and industrial waste disposal would be required along with raising awareness of the general masses about the causes and effects of pollution.


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