10 Lines on Air Pollution

Pollution is a global phenomenon, so every nation should be serious about it. It would be a mistake to underestimate its consequences and not work together on it. Pollution anywhere can be a risk of life everywhere, so, we should deal it with stern resolve and together. The study of Air Pollution is as important as is of Air. Let’s have it through the sets of 10 lines below.

Ten Lines on Air Pollution in English

Some sets of 10 lines, 5 lines, 20 lines, few lines and sentences on Air Pollution are given below for the Students of Class 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6. Language is kept very simple for easiness of everyone, let’s start reading:

10 Lines on Air Pollution

1) The introduction of harmful gases, toxic elements, allergens etc. in the air is responsible for Air Pollution.

2) Air pollution highly affects the quality of air, making it dangerous for human survival.

3) Industrial, vehicular emissions and volcanic eruptions are a few causes of air pollution.

4) The highly polluted air can also affect the plant and vegetation of the region.

5) More than 6 million people died worldwide due to air pollution in 2012.

6) The major causes of air pollution are man-made activities.

7) Smog is a type of air pollutant that can irritate eyes and throat, damage lungs and even lead to asthma attacks.

8) Greenhouse gases from industries and vehicles gave rise to air pollution.

9) Reduction of burning fossil fuels, use of electronic vehicles, reforestation etc can reduce air pollution to a major extent.

10) Harnessing renewable sources of energy helps to keep the environment clean and healthy.

10 Lines and Sentences on Air Pollution

1) The anthropogenic causes leading to a reduction in the quality of air are Air Pollution.

2) The increasing transportation system and the industrial revolution is the prime cause of air pollution.

3) Volcanic eruptions and wildfires are the natural causes of air pollution.

4) Major pollutants of air are micro particles, pollen, toxic elements and gases, lead, smog etc.

5) Many Radioactive rocks around the world release a toxic gas ‘radon’ which causes lung cancer.

6) Air Quality Index (AQI) is the system used to measure the air pollution of a particular region.

7) AQI of 0-50 refers excellent whereas AQI > 300 is severely polluted.

8) Detergents, aerosol sprays, paints etc. can cause indoor air pollution in our homes.

9) Tree plantation and developing of micro forests within the city can help fighting air pollution.

10) Use of bicycles, e-cars, using solar energy in our homes can help reduce air pollution.

10 Lines on Air Pollution

5 Lines on Air Pollution

1) Mixing contaminated substances with air leads to air pollution.

2) Air pollution causes many harmful diseases.

3) Air pollution reduces the life span of living beings.

4) Cutting down trees and forests is causing an increase in air pollution.

5) Controlling air pollution is very necessary.

20 Lines on Air Pollution

1) Air pollution has become one of the serious issues of modern times.

2) It has become important to take drastic steps to fight and prevent air pollution.

3) The most important step to fight air pollution is to lower down the emission of fumes and carbon emission into the air.

4) Reducing the use of vehicles and the burning of fossil fuels helps to reduce pollution in the air.

5) Switching to eco-friendly alternatives like electronic vehicles and solar cooker will help fighting air pollution.

6) The government should limits the smokes and fumes coming out of the chimneys of industries.

7) Strict action against the people driving below the pollution control level is very necessary.

8) It is also advisable to wear masks before going into areas with heavy pollution or dust.

9) Planting more trees is one of the best ways to reduce the effect of air pollution.

10) Air is the basis of life, so it becomes important to make it clean and pure by our activities.

11) Air pollution is one of the leading killers responsible for 1 out of 8 deaths globally.

12) Inhaling polluted air daily cuts down 1-2 years of human life.

13) In 1952, the Great Smog of London killed around 6000 and affected 1,00,000 people.

14) Air pollution is responsible for around 65% of deaths in Asia and 25% in India.

15) Researches show that 9 out of 10 persons in the world reside at places which exceed air pollution limits.

16) PM 2.5 in the tiny particles in polluted air can penetrate the lungs causing serious diseases.

17) Also natural reasons, like volcanic eruptions, radioactive decay, forest fires etc. cause air pollution.

18) Increased air pollution may also affect climate change leading to heavy losses to the agriculture sector.

19) As per WHO, the air in Delhi is two times more toxic as compared to Beijing.

20) Air pollution also accelerates the ageing of the skin leading to wrinkles and causing various skin diseases.

Air pollution is not only affecting our health, but it has also given rise to a much bigger problem of Global warming, which is just an epicentre of threats. The change in the weather conditions, sea-level rise and ocean acidification are just a few indirect effects of air pollution. It is our prime responsibility to reduce air pollution, because if we can create it, then we have to reduce it also.

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