10 Lines on Water Pollution

Water is one of the vital resources for the sustenance of life on this planet. Only 1% of water on earth is suitable for drinking but increasing water pollution is diminishing the sources of fresh and clean water. The increasing water pollution is also posing a threat to the aquatic animals and a global threat to our ecosystem. Water is getting polluted majorly by the human activities. The increasing industrialization and urbanization without any proper disposable mechanism is making the water polluted and affecting the biodiversity of our planet.

Ten Lines on Water Pollution in English

10 lines, 5 lines, 20 lines, few lines and sentences on Water Pollution are given below in the form of few sets for the students of Class 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 in very easy language. Just go through them and get your needed one:

10 Lines on Water Pollution

1) The contamination of water resources leads to water pollution.

2) Direct disposal of industrial waste into the rivers makes the river water toxic.

3) House hold drainage contains serious pathogens which might spread epidemics when disposed in rivers.

4) Heavy metals like Arsenic present in the rocks and soil make the water contaminated and lead to ground water poisoning.

5) The fertilizers and pesticides used in agricultural activities can also affect surface as well as the ground water.

6) The Oil Spill process releases a huge amount of crude petroleum in sea affecting marine ecosystem.

7) Water pollution can cause many serious diseases like cholera, typhoid, dysentery and even poisoning.

8) According to a WHO report around 842000 deaths occur every year due to the water borne diseases.

9) There should be a proper waste disposal system if we want to fight water pollution.

10) Avoiding wastage of water and keeping our surrounding clean could help us keep the water clean and safe.

10 Lines and Sentences on Water Pollution

1) Introduction of impurities and toxic chemicals into water causes Water Pollution.

2) Industrial and human waste disposal is the prime cause of the water pollution.

3) The littering of plastic in the lakes and rivers has made the river water dirty and toxic.

4) The religious rituals and dead body remains have highly polluted our holy rivers.

5) The increase in water pollution has not only affected humans but also a cause of extinction for many marine species.

6) The high amount of mercury in river water adversely affects the hormonal changes of the marine species leading to major shifts in their behavior.

7) The increasing chemical content in the river water is absorbed by the aquatic animals hampering the overall food chain.

8) The water from the rivers is sometimes also used for irrigation purpose thus contaminating agricultural produce.

9) Government should take drastic steps to restrict the direct disposal of waste into the rivers or seas.

10) The quality of drinking water should be checked on timely basis to avoid spread of epidemics.

10 Lines on Water Pollution

5 Lines on Water Pollution

1) Polluted Water is water mixed with several hazardous elements, wastes, and impurities.

2) Water pollution destroys the aquatic ecosystem.

3) Drinking polluted water can cause harmful diseases.

4) Millions of people don’t have water to drink.

5) Water pollution is a serious concern for the entire world.

20 Lines on Water Pollution

1) Around 2.5% of water out of the total 70% available water on earth is in the form of fresh water.

2) Approximately, 70% of the total industrial waste is drained in the water bodies.

3) Every year, around 7 billion pounds of urban plastic waste gets dumped into the oceans.

4) As per the WHO report, over 250 million people across the globe die every year by drinking contaminated water.

5) Asia is the continent which has the most number of polluted rivers in the world.

6) Most of the ground water of the world is contaminated with Arsenic which is highly toxic.

7) The polythene bags and plastics in the oceans are a major cause of deaths and extinction for marine species.

8) The extinction rate of marine animals is believed to have five times more than that of the land animals.

9) The major man made pollutants responsible for water pollution are pathogens, organic matters, heavy metals, sediments etc.

10) WHO has launched various programmes to fight water pollution by setting up many stringent rules and regulations.

11) Increasing industrialization and reducing water sources has made the issue of water pollution worse.

12) Around 900 million people across the globe do not have any access to clean and safe water.

13) Governments, civil societies along with the youths have to collectively fight against the increasing water pollution.

14) Water conservation is one of the best methods to fight water pollution so that clean water is made available to everyone.

15) Think twice before throwing anything down the sink and avoid throwing oils, chemicals, paints etc.

16) Draining of industrial residues and waste into the river should be completely banned by the government.

17) Polythene bags and plastic goods should not be disposed off in rivers or seas; instead they should be recycled and reused.

18) Use of pesticides and fertilizers should be highly reduced so that they do not contaminate surface and ground water.

19) The urban waste water should be properly treated before draining into rivers so that it does not affect the aquatic species.

20) Water is the main source of life hence it is our prime responsibility to save it from water pollution so that pure water is available to our future generations.

If the water pollution is not controlled and our lake and rivers are not cleaned then it’s obvious that third world war will be fought for water. The natural sources of clean and fresh water are diminishing day by day.

We have to avoid these circumstances before it leads to some unfortunate incidents. We as an individual and as a youth can do a lot to control water pollution and spread awareness about it. Our smaller steps taken today can make huge difference in near future.

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