10 Lines on National Safety Day

National Safety Day is celebrated every year to commemorate the foundation day of the National Safety Council of India on 4th March 1966. National Safety Council of India is known for conducting specialized training courses, conferences, seminars, workshops and designing the safety training materials and publications across the country. National Safety Day is celebrated with great enthusiasm by running an awareness campaigns in the factories and industrial units for the workers in order to prevent any major accident or mishap.

Ten Lines on National Safety Day in English

We have provided 10 lines, 5 lines, 20 lines, few lines and sentences on National Safety Day in English for Class 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6. You can use these lines in your assignments, essays or paragraphs writing in your exam or any competition. It will help you to know about National Safety Day in detail.

10 Lines on National Safety Day

1) The National Safety Day is celebrated every year on 4th March in order to raise awareness among the industrial workers about safety.

2) The program celebration aims to highlight the role of safety in preventing industrial accidents and causalities.

3) The Government of India observed the first National Safety Day on 4th March 1972.

4) The day is celebrated by industry, trade unions, government, NGO’s and regulatory agencies across the nation.

5) The event is also celebrated across the country by various companies by organizing campaigns, seminars, quizzes, debates and panel discussions.

6) The objective of celebrating National Safety Day is to ensure the commitment of workers towards safety and health.

7) Every year the National Safety Day is celebrated across the nation with a theme to promote awareness about safety among industrial workers.

8) National Safety Day 2019 theme was “Cultivate and Sustain a Safety Culture for Building Nation”.

9) The National Safety Day 2019 celebration created awareness about the role of safety in building the nation.

10) Safety activities based training programs, safety competitions, safety mock drills are held for employees at many industrial units on the occasion.

10 Lines and Sentences on National Safety Day

1) The National Safety Day is celebrated every year by the Ministry of Labour, by running major campaigns nationwide on occupational safety of workers.

2) The celebration aims to reduce the accidents and diseases which can harm the economy by causing deaths or disablement.

3) One of the objectives of celebrating National Safety Day is to inspire workers to follow rules, regulations, and procedures for health and safety at the workplace.

4) On occasion, the government runs campaigns and awareness programmes for safety-related activities through print and electronic media.

5) National Safety Day ensures the protection of the environment in the interest of family, community, organization, and nation at large.

6) The celebration encourages the workers to take part in safety technique programs like fire extinguishers usage, electrical safety and use of safety equipment.

7) Safety training sessions on the use of vessels, chemical and electrical safety, fire control and first aid knowledge are also organized on the day.

8) It is also celebrated across the country by organizing creative programs at the workplace like dramas, skit and safety exhibitions.

9) Many PSU’s like SAIL, BHEL, HPCL, ONGC, etc organize safety programs for workers at industrial units nationwide on the occasion of National Safety Day.

10) Administering the safety pledge, pinning of safety badges and unfurling of safety flag at the premises are some of the highlights of the celebration.

5 Lines on National Safety Day

1) In India, 4 March is National Safety Day.

2) It highlights the importance of safety protocols.

3) Programs are organized to spread public awareness.

4) It marks the foundation of the National Safety Council.

5) Industries, NGOs, Trade unions, etc celebrate this day.

20 Lines on National Safety Day

1) National Security Day was established on 4th March 1966.

2) This National Security Day was started by President Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan and thus people started supporting this campaign.

3) On this day, former President Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan started making every person aware for safety in industrial area.

4) On the occasion of National Security Day, the government conducts many types of programs to make humans aware towards security.

5) Information is given to the people related to this campaign; people related to this program are also honoured.

6) Posters related to the campaign are put up in public places to aware the people.

7) Various slogan of the security campaign is prepared and broadcasted through social media and TV channels.

8) It is also discussed with people at many places, seminars related to security are also organised.

9) This day is celebrated to remind employers, employees and others to their responsibility in making the workplace safe.

10) The government organizations with security agencies also organize many programmes to educate people about safety on this day.

11) The National Safety Council was established in India on 4th March, 1966; so this day is celebrated every year as National Safety Day.

12) This day is celebrated in all government and private institutions in India.

13) On National Safety Day, many different types of security programs are organized by various groups all across the country.

14) Essay and debate competition, safety prize distribution, seminars, banner exhibitions, sports competitions, with respect to safety, health, and environment are organized.

15) Along with this, several training programs are also organized for the safety of industrial workers.

16) Through National Safety Day, it is tried to develop a tendency among people to take precautions and make themselves aware of their safety.

17) On this day, People are also made aware of safety in the industrial sector, women safety, road safety, protection from diseases caused by adulterated foods.

18) During this time people are also made aware of many ways of protection so that they can defend themselves in adverse situations.

19) Through the programs organized on this day, people are made aware of their own safety, so everyone should take special care of security related matters and understand its importance.

20) In this way, the only purpose of celebrating National Security Day is to make people aware of security.

Under the Ministry of Labour and Employment, Government of India the National Safety Day celebration gives the unique opportunity to promote safety, health and protection of workers at factory premises. Every year, the celebration of National Safety day on 4th March renews the commitment of workers and employees for inculcating the habit of safety practices at the workplace. Industries conduct various training programs and run an awareness campaign on the occasion in order to ensure the health and safety of the workers.

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