10 Lines on Maha Vir Chakra

Maha-vir Chakra is a kind of that encouragement and honour conferred to the personals of Indian Armed Forces – Indian Army, Indian Navy and Indian Air-Force.It is the 2nd highest military decoration award in India. It is awarded for bravery and fearlessness in the presence of the enemy. The word ‘Maha’ means Great, ‘Vir’ means Brave and ‘Chakra’ means the wheel in Sanskrit, so the word Maha-Vir Chakra translates to the “wheel of a great warrior”.

Ten Lines on Maha Vir Chakra

Set 1

1) The Maha-Vir Chakra is the 2nd highest gallantry award in India awarded for one’s exceptional act of bravery and fearlessness in the battlefield.

2) This award was established on 26th January 1950 but is into act since 15th August 1947.

3) Army personnel whether belonging to Indian Army, Navy or India Air-Force have equal eligibility to be awarded Maha-Vir Chakra irrespective to their gender.

4) Maha Vir-Chakra is presented twice a year, first on Independence Day of India and next on Indian Republic Day.

5) One can also be awarded Maha-Vir Chakra posthumously.

6) The silver circular medal of Maha-Vir Chakra contains a 5 pointed star on one of its sides centred with Indian emblem that makes it look very elegant.

7) Also, the backside of the medal bears the word ‘Maha-Vir Chakra’ written in Hindi and English and separated by two lotus flowers.

8) Maha-Vir Chakra recipient is also awarded a monetary allowance of Rs 10000 per month.

9) The state government also awards Maha-Vir Chakra recipients with some cash assistance.

10) Maha-Vir Chakra can be awarded more than once to the same person.

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Set 2

1) The Maha-Vir Chakra is presented by the President of India in Rashtrapati Bhavan.

2) The Maha-Vir Chakra is held by a ribbon containing two colours white and orange.

3) The statutes say that the medal should be worn on the left chest such that the orange strip of medal remains close to the left shoulder.

4) The acronym MVC is frequently used at the place of Maha-Vir Chakra.

5) India-Pakistan war of 1971 holds the record of distributing a most number of awards for a single war by presenting 11 awards for India Air-Force.

6)  More than 218 people have been awarded Maha-Vir Chakra till 2019.

7) Jag Mohan Nath was the first Indian Military Officer to be twice awarded Maha-Vir Chakra.

8) The Maha-Vir Chakra recipient can use its title as prefix or suffix of his/her name.

9) The President of India holds the right to cancel or declare invalid the award and also the allowance associated with it.

10) Initially, the recipient used to get a monthly allowance of Rs. 6000 which later increased to Rs. 10,000 per months from 1st August 2017.

Clearly Maha-Vir Chakra is a sign of dignity and decorates its awardees. It is next to the Paramvir Chakra in the order of ranking in Indian Gallantry Awards and holds the privilege of being 2nd highest military award. It is being awarded successfully since its date of the institution and also a great number of warriors have been awarded Maha-Vir Chakra posthumously. We hope that you have understood all the points.