10 Lines on Shaurya Chakra

Shaurya Chakra is a part of peacetime gallantry awards in India. Peacetime Chakra Awards are a series of three awards – Ashok Chakra, Kirti Chakra and Shaurya Chakra according to their order of ranking. Shaurya Chakra is a mark of bravery and fearless act. It has its own values and specifications as follows.

Ten Lines on Shaurya Chakra

Set 1

1) Shaurya Chakra is an honor for military valor.

2) It was initiated by the President of India in the year 1952.

3) ‘Ashoka Chakra, Class III’ was the initial name of Shaurya Chakra.

4) The award was renamed ‘Shaurya Chakra’ on 27th January 1967.

5) This award is given for bravery and courageous acts on the battlefield.

6) It is also awarded for self-sacrifice done by people without involving directly with the enemies.

7) The military personals and civilians both are eligible for this award.

8) Shaurya Chakra has been awarded to 2014 people till 2021.

9) This award is also given posthumously for the act of bravery.

10) 627 people have received the award posthumously.

Set 2

1) Shaurya Chakra is categorized as a military decoration in India.

2) The award has been in existence in India since 69 years.

3) Shaurya Chakra was first awarded in the year 1952.

4) The award is a circular medal made up of bronze.

5) The medal is hanged by a green-colored ribbon with orange vertical lines.

6) The front side of the medal has the image of Ashoka Chakra carved in the middle.

7) A garland of the lotus flowers is surrounding the Ashoka Chakra in the medal.

8) Shaurya Chakra is written on the reverse side of the medal.

9) It is written in both Hindi and English languages.

10) The two lotus flowers are separating the texts in Hindi and English.

Set 3

1) The Shaurya Chakra Award was instituted on 4th January 1952.

2) It is the 3rd highest military award provided at peacetime.

3) The first Shaurya Chakra was conferred in 1952, in the year of its institution.

4) The award is presented for the act of bravery and fearlessness on the face of the enemy.

5) Army personals as well as Civilians, both are equally eligible to be awarded Shaurya Chakra for their courageous act.

6) The award is conferred by the President of India in an event in Rashtrapati Bhavan.

7) Shaurya Chakra is presented two times a year, on Independence Day of India and on Indian Republic Day.

8) Shaurya Chakra may also be awarded to a recipient posthumously.

9) The recipient of Shaurya Chakra Award is also provided with some monthly pension.

10) Shaurya Chakra can be conferred on the same person many times for his repeated act of victory over the enemy.

We are providing another set of 10 points on Shaurya Chakra. These facts will help you accessing some more information and establishing your confidence. We have tried to share some more interesting details of this award that were not discussed above. Inclusion of remaining important facts and knowledge was the main goal behind preparing the set.

Set 4

1) The circular medal of Shaurya Chakra is made of Bronze.

2) The front side of the medal contains an imitation of Ashok Chakra surrounded by some beautiful designs.

3) The reverse side of the medal has words Shaurya Chakra written in Hindi and English and separated by the flower of lotus.

4) The award is supported by a green colour ribbon and 3 thin vertical lines of orange colour separate the green part in three-four equal parts.

5) Shaurya Chakra was initially called Ashok Chakra Class 3 Award but later on 27th January 1967, it was renamed as Shaurya Chakra.

6) The Shaurya Chakra has a large number of posthumous recipients in its list.

7) It is equivalent to wartime military award ‘Vir Chakra’ in the ranking.

8) Shaurya Chakra is preceded by Kirti Chakra and is followed by Sena Medal Award.

9) The medal of the Shaurya Chakra should be worn on the left shoulder of the awardees.

10) The president has the right to null the award and its effects anytime.

The Shaurya Chakra award is widely abbreviated as “SC” for convenience. For being a well-reputed peacetime military award, it brings a feeling of pride and honour to its awardees. We hope the award must keep going for many more years like that.

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