10 Lines on Kalidasa

Kalidasa is a well-known Sanskrit dramatist and poet and his efforts and writings brought Sanskrit literature to an apex. He became familiar during the tenure of the Gupta ruler, Chandragupta Vikramaditya. Kalidasa was one of the nine gems in the court of Chandragupta Vikramaditya. Kalidasa had written many plays, epics and lyrics.

His play Abhijnana Sakunthalam is the best creation of all his works. It has been translated into several languages of the world. His other creations are: Malavikagnimitram, Vikramoravasiyam and Abhijnana Sakunthalam (Play); Raghu Vansa and Kumara Sambhavam (epics) Meghdoot and Ritu Samhara (lyrics).

Meghdoot is the most excellent literary work of Kalidasa. The readers are fascinated by the simplicity of its enunciation, description of nature and fragile expression of love and the pangs of love. Meghdoot has been translated into various languages of the world.

There are many disputes in Kalidasa’s birth and his birth place. It is believed that he was born contemporary to the Gupta ruler, Chandragupta Vikramaditya in around 4th -5th century A.D. in Ujjain.

Kalidasa was a nincompoop during his early life. Some clergy men, who kept jealousy with a highly intelligent princess Vidyottma, because she had defeated them in debates, made a clumsy plan and got her married to Kalidasa in a hypocritical manner. When Kalidasa' ignorance came into knowledge of Vidyottma someday, she felt very depressed and got annoyed. On getting reproaches by his wife, Kalidasa was very much shocked. He took an oath and left his home. He returned home only when he was fully enriched with knowledge.

Ten Lines on Kalidasa in English

We are providing here few simple hints on the life, complete life span/events of an ancient poet Kalidasa. These few points are very important for school going students to know special things about the life of this famous poet of his time. Here we will find few unrevealed facts which are very important in completing his biography. Scholars may use these special lines in their school assignments for writing essays, paragraphs, article and projects. Expecting your pleasure of reading, the points are given here under:

10 Lines on Kalidasa – Set 1

1) It is believed that he was born in north and moves to south and helped by a local ruler and prospered there.

2) He defeated an intelligent princess Vidyottma in a debate and married her.

3) As Kalidasa was a dullard, he was humiliated by his wife and left home to earn wisdom.

4) He found a Kali temple in his way, where he was inspired to learn Sanskrit.

5) He studied the epics and other ancient texts and learnt to read and write Sanskrit well, and became a great poet.

6) He had written more than forty poems and plays, and many of his works are popular even today.

7) Meghaduta, Raghuvamsham and Abhijnanashakuntala are among his best-known works.

8)  Based on the myth of Lord Shiva and Parvati’s marriage, he had written his classical poem ‘Kumarasambhava’.

9) He had created Shakuntala’s story in poetic style play in Sanskrit and “Abhijnanashakuntala” is considered to be the best play in the Sanskrit language.

10) Rabindra Nath Tagore was much impressed and inspired by Kalidasa' way of writing that reflexes in Tagore’s poems on the monsoons as it shows Meghadutam’s romanticism.

Now we are providing you a set of another ten lines on the creation of Kalidasa that will add more information on his work and life. School going students will get benefited by these special facts and can use them into their assignments. Here we know in detail about his all creations through these simple points given here under with selected simple words. Users may feel excited after knowing about this legend of the ancient time:

10 Lines on Kalidasa – set 2

1) Mahakavi Kalidasa was a great Indian Sanskrit writer, poet, and classical dramatist.

2) It is believed that Mahakavi Kalidasa was a poet and one of the nine gems (Navaratna) in the court of King Vikramaditya of Ujjayini.

3)  All together Kalidasa had written three plays- Malavikagnimitram, Abhijnanasakuntalam and Vikramorvasiyam and out of these, Malavikagnimitram and Abhijnanasakuntalam were the most popular.

4)  Abhijnanasakuntalam created an excitement among the Europeans when it was translated into English by Sir William Jones.

5) His works have been translated in different international languages including; German, French, Danish, Italian etc.

6) The popular poems written by Kalidasa are the Ritusamhara, Meghaduta, Kumarsambhava, and Raghuvamsa.

7) His plays and poetry were primarily based on the epics and scriptures and his plays are still enacted in Indian theatres and movies.

8) His efforts brought Sanskrit poetry on such an apex level with his simple and lucid style of writing that has never been outclass in Indian history.

9) Sun Temple inscription dated 473 A.D is the earliest ancient written evidence of Kalidasa.

10)  His plays had left a deep impact o European people in 8th and 9th century and it is said that Father of Modern Medicine Sir William Osler always kept on a poem written by Kalidasa on his desk.

Kalidasa is regarded among the greatest poets of all times, and the greatest among Sanskrit poets after Vyasa and Valmiki. After getting enlightenment his works reflexes in various disciplines such as astrology, astronomy, and mathematics.

He had gained more than a little in all these discipline. His reference over Valmiki and the Ramayana in the Meghaduta and the Sankhya and Vaiseshika philosophies in Raghuvamsa are a sensation. Rabindra Nath Tagore and many others had appreciated his creations and took inspiration for their writings.

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