10 Lines on Arjun Award

Arjun Award is the 2nd highest sports honor in India after Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna Award. As everyone knows that sport is playing a very important role in today’s world. It is played at various levels like District Level, State Level, National and International Level. If a player performs on the International level then he as well as his country is highly acclaimed. Arjun Award is made to recognize such talents and motivate them. We will read about it in detail through below provided sets of 10 lines.

Ten Lines on Arjun Award

Set 1

1) Arjun Award is given for one’s outstanding performance/achievement in games and sports.

2) It was instituted as well as distributed for the 1st time in the year 1961.

3) Arjun Award is funded by the Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports, Government of India.

4) It is well known as Arjun Award for outstanding performance in Games and Sports.

5) The Arjun Award is named after the great warrior Arjun from Mahabharat.

6) The Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports presents this Award every year.

7) Players of Olympics Games, World Championship, Cricket, Commonwealth Games and World Cup, sports for physically challenged and indigenous sports are considered for this award.

8) The award carries a statue of Arjun, a certificate and some cash allowance.

9) The statue of Arjun is basically made of Bronze and looks very elegant.

10) Rs. 5 lakh of a cash allowance is granted to the conferee of the Arjun Award.

So the above set has provided us enough information but some important facts are still to be known. Therefore, we have created a 2nd set of 10 points on the Arjun Award. This set will provide you a few more important and more than basic facts and information for enhancing your confidence on the topic. This set is also helpful for students of classes 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, and higher classes. So read the below provided a few simple but important points and make your doubts clear.

Set 2

1) A player with good performance over the past 4 years internationally and also with good discipline and leadership quality is considered for this Award.

2) The nominations for this Award are suggested by various States and Union Territory Governments, Sports Federations and Previous Sports Award Winners.

3) The nominations, however, should be sent by the last working day of the month of April of that year.

4) The received nominations are further delivered to doping test departments for verification.

5) A sports person who has ever been charged for doping or is under investigation is not considered for this Award.

6) The valid nominations are further sent to a Selection Committee who thinks over it.

7) After successful verification by this Committee, the list goes to the Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports.

8) More than 700 people have been awarded the Arjun Award.

9) Also more than Rs. 35 crore has been distributed through Arjun Award.

10) Arjun Award is distributed on 25th September every year.

The Arjun Award is dedicated to Arjun from Mahabharat for his extraordinary skills in Archery. He was very proficient and because of his dexterity in Archery, he was the most favorite student of Guru Dronacharya. The Arjun award is not just an award but a measurement of one’s proficiency in one’s game. As it is clear that it is distributed every year but it is not only distributed for playing exceptionally well but also for creating a history worldwide with amazing skills.

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