10 Lines on Tim Cook

Timothy Donald Cook is an American business executive and Industrial Engineer. Cook is the chief executive officer (CEO) of Apple Inc., and has also served as the company's chief operating officer (COO) under its co-founder Steve Jobs.

American business executive Tim Cook was appointed as chief executive officer of Apple on 24th August 2011, before Steve Job’s death in October. He was born in Alabama in 1960, and graduated from Auburn University with a bachelor's degree in industrial engineering. He had also pursued MBA from Duke University's Fuqua School of Business.

Tim Cook was born in the small town of Robertsdale, Alabama, on 1st November, 1960. His father Donald was a ship-yard worker, and mother Geraldine was a housewife. Cook attended Robertsdale High School and stood second in his class in 1978.

After completing his education, he was hired by IBM, where he carried the responsibilities of the corporation's North American fulfillment director. He was managing the manufacturing and distribution of IBM's Personal Computer Company in both North and Latin America before joining Apple Inc.

Ten Lines on Tim Cook in English

In following special points, we are highlighting on the few important facts about the life history and achievements of Chief Executive Officer of Apple Inc., Tim Cook. You will also get facts about his contributions to his company and how he made it popular. Here you will read about the steps taken by him to take the company to its peak. The selection of words is so easy that may be conceived by everybody; and we hope you will enjoy reading about:

10 Lines on Tim Cook - Set 1

1) Timothy Cook is the Chief Executive Officer of Apple Inc., the second largest technology company in the world.

2) He is previously appointed as Chief Operating Officer but promoted as CEO after the death of the former CEO, Steve Jobs.

3) Cook is paid US$ 378 million per annum by his company, making him the highest paid CEO in the world.

4) On that time Jobs was looking for someone who can improve the shipping and manufacturing processes of the company and he found all the qualities in Tim.

5) In 2004, Tim Cook served as temporary CEO of Apple for two months when Steve Jobs had to take leave for a serious pancreatic cancer surgery.

6) After taking the charge as CEO of Apple, 51-year old Tim Cook had certainly made some mistakes and the failure of Apple Maps was a big one.

7) Cook is a big fan of the famous Tour de France winner, Lance Armstrong.

8) Tim Cook is highly concerned about charity and devoted for philanthropic contributions to society as well.

9) Cook’s name was suggested in the list of 100 Most Influential People in the World by Time Magazine in 2012.

10) Tim is serious about fulfilling corporate liabilities; paying back to the society, producing environmentally friendly products and focusing on overall education as well.

Below we are providing ten other lines on the life and work of the world’s most popular CEO of the world. You can find some special features of his life and important reforms done by him to make Apple Inc special among the consumers. These facts can be used in the various fields in academics. These important points may be used as a source of information for students and help them in their projects, essays, short notes, articles and speeches. Hoping that you will enjoy the lines given here under:

10 Lines on Tim Cook - Set 2

1) Timothy Cook is the CEO of Apple Inc. since the death of Steve Jobs.

2) Tim Cook went Robertsdale High School after which he got admitted in Auburn University from where he achieved a degree in industrial engineering.

3) After completing his education, Cook started his career as COO of Intelligent Electronics, in the computer reseller division.

4) In his supervision, the company plays a supplying role for Apple’s biggest and most popular products, the iPhone and the iPad.

5) He is a big fan of Martin Luther King and Bobby Kennedy and fixed their portraits in his office.

6) Cook donated $50 to Stanford’s hospital including the children’s hospital and $ 50to product RED which are fighting to fatal diseases like T.B., AIDS and malaria in 2012.

7) Cook’s single status and the fact that he has never been married with any kids, is still mysterious for the whole world.

8) 52 years in age, Tim Cook is at number 35 in the Forbes list of world’s most powerful people.

9) Cook lives in an average four-bedroom house with a small yard in front in Palo Alto, California.

10) He enjoys cycling and hiking, and made a routine for going to gym every day.

In 2018, Apple invested $350 billion in the U.S. economy and created 20,000 new jobs in the next five years. The company had also committed to invest $55 billion in 2018 alone and build a new U.S. facility powered by renewable energy. In early February 2019, The Wall Street Journal reported that Apple Music had been increasing its monthly subscriptions in the U.S. market.