10 Lines on Tim Cook

Apple is currently the most valued brand that we all want to have. All the Apple products and their success are because of the hard work of the people working under the banner. Tim Cook is one of them. Why don’t you read about him through the set of 10 lines on Tim Cook below?

Ten Lines on Tim Cook

Set – 1

1) Tim Cook is a businessman and CEO of Apple Inc. from America.

2) He has born on 1 November 1960 at Alabama in the United States.

3) He pursued graduation in industrial engineering from Auburn University and an MBA from Duke University.

4) Cook started his career by working with IBM.

5) Working there, he held the office of COO (Chief Operating Officer) in 1992.

6) Apple Inc. hired Tim Cook in 1998 as a Senior Vice-President.

7) He became the Chief Executive Officer of Apple Inc. in 2011.

8) Recently in October 2019, he has become the chairman of the advisory board of Economics School of Tsinghua University.

9) He was one of the most powerful people in 2011 as published by Forbes Magazine.

10) Tim Cook has led Apple Inc. to a new mount of success.

Set – 2

1) The complete name of Tim Cook is Timothy Donald Cook.

2) He is one of the three sons of his parents.

3) He is quite conscious about his health and fitness.

4) Cook considers Bobby Kennedy and Martin Luthar as his inspiration.

5) Under his guidance, Apple Inc. launched an iPhone and iPad in the market.

6) Cycling, Hiking, and exercising are his hobbies.

7) Cook has revealed in a recent interview that he is a ‘Gay’.

8) This is probably the reason why he has not married and is still single.

9) He has actively participated in social welfare programmes.

10) Like Google Map, Tim also started ‘Apple Maps’ which drastically failed.

Whatever be the reason, ‘Apple’ has declared that it has got a rapid growth right after getting Tim Cook as its Chief Executive Officer. He is an open-minded and open-hearted man. His intelligent mind has introduced some revolutionary technologies. We need some more people like him.

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