10 Lines on Jack Dorsey

Jack Dorsey was born on 19th November, 1976, in St. Louis, Missouri, United States. He is of English, Irish and Italian descent. His parents were Marcia Smith and Tim Dorsey. His father was an engineer of medical equipment manufacturing company that developed spectrometers. As his father had to move from one place to other in a particular period of time, he developed an interest in maps and places since his early childhood.

He went to Bishop du Bourg High School in St. Louis, Missouri. He was a simple and sober boy. As he suffered from stammering he preferred silence to escape teasing by his classmates and others. Jack gathered enough determination to overcome this disability and participated in a various oratory competitions and was finally able to speak normally.

He developed an early interest in computers and was a member of his school’s computer club. He also spent adequate time in studying from the available model of IBM computers that time. His childhood attraction with maps later developed into a serious hobby. He had created a software programs for taxi dispatching and firefighting services when he was just 13.

Jack Dorsey started working as a programmer and moved to Oakland, California in 2000 in search of better career prospects. In October 2006, Dorsey, with Biz Stone, Evan Williams, and some other members of Odeo, established “Obvious Corporation” which later developed into “Twitter”. Within two weeks Dorsey created a simple site where users could instantly post short messages of 140 characters called “tweets”. Presently the limit has been increased to 280 words.

Ten Lines on Jack Dorsey in English

In the following lines you will find much information about founder of Twitter, Jack Dorsey. You will know how he developed special software that helps in finding locations easily, why and how he founded Twitter and these special points will describe about his life and career. These points are very important for readers and students to take a glimpse of his life. I expect you will feel excited after reading it.

10 Lines on Jack Dorsey - Set 1

1)  Jack Dorsey is an American based web developer and founder of “Twitter”.

2) He showed symptoms of a prodigy just at a young age of thirteen when he designed dispatch routing software for taxi-drivers and ambulances.

3) Jack Dorsey got admission into Missouri University of Science and Technology, but later for some reason he continued his education at New York University.

4) He is not only a web developer but also a very successful entrepreneur of present time.

5) Jack Dorsey imagined to build a site that could allow its users to share their status with their kith and kin.

6) On 21st march 2006, Jack Dorsey posted the World’s first ever twitter message.

7) Dorsey gained popularity from the launch and success of Twitter, and by the end of the year, 2010, there were more than one hundred and five million Twitter users worldwide.

8) It is estimated that the users tweeted about fifty five million times in a particular day.

9) Jack Dorsey is the great admirer of cities and its architecture and travelled many countries.

10) He is very optimistic and believes in human potential and a democratic society.

Here we are presenting a new set of ten lines about Jack Dorsey which will emphasize on his life, career, achievements and prizes. We will explore the facts of his life and the most important the foundation of his popular software Twitter. We will also able to know the inspirational sources that helped him. These special lines are useful for students in preparing their projects. Realizing your excitement and support I offer the facts given here under:

10 Lines on Jack Dorsey – Set 2

1) He is a web developer and a very successful entrepreneur of America.

2) He gained success and honour before the age of35 and listed of the top thirty-five innovators of the world in MIT Technology Review.

3) He set up a company in Oakland that offered online dispatch software that is used by various courier and taxi service providers.

4) Twitter was launched in March 2006 by Noah Glass and Jack Dorsey which liberates its users to share one's thought on public forum.

5) Jack Dorsey played a decisive role in development of Twitter Inc. and was CEO for the company until the year 2008.

6) He handed over the charge of CEO of twitter to Evan Williams on 16 October 2008 and in 2011 became the chairman of twitter Inc.

7)  Dorsey developed a small business platform to accept debit and credit card payments on a mobile device called Square, in May 2010.

8) In 2012, The Wall Street Journal granted him the "Innovator of the Year Award" for technology.

9) In 2013, he was listed by the Forbes magazine as the world's most eligible bachelor.

10) In the year, 2012 Business Insider magazine had reckoned the net value of Square Inc. is more than $3.2 billion and he has an individual asset worth $2.4 billion.

Jack Dorsey is the founder of "Twitter Inc." and proved his domination in entrepreneurship. He uses his three qualities of simplicity, craftsmanship and identifying the obstacles to run his businesses. His love of online dispatch routing made him one of the richest people of the world. Now-a day it is estimated that his net worth is more than $1.1 billion. Although Twitter has already brought a notable change in the way people communicate, yet for Dorsey this is not the end.