10 Lines on Battle of Chanderi

The Battle of Chanderi is one of the very important Battles fought in India. As we all know that Rana Sanga didn’t die in the Battle of Khanwa despite being defeated by Babur. Babur later came to know that Rana Sanga was preparing for another Battle with the help of Rajputs in India. So Babur decided to weaken his power by attacking his allies. Babur also wanted control over Fortress of Chanderi as it was very useful for him.

Ten Lines on Battle of Chanderi

Set 1

1) The Battle of Chanderi was fought in January 1528 near the fortress of Chanderi in Malwa.

2) The battle was between the Mughal Emperor Babur and Medini Rai, who was a staunch ally of Rana Sanga.

3) Medini Rai was the ruler of eastern Malwa and has defeated many rivals with the help of Rana Sanga.

4) Medini Rai had also helped Rana Sanga in The Battle of Khanwa and in many other Battles.

5) Babur started for Chanderi in December 1527 and reached in January 1528.

6) Before attacking Medini Rai, Babur offered him Shamshabad in exchange for Chanderi but Medini Rai refused.

7) Then Babur attacked Chanderi and captured its Fortress.

8) The women of Chanderi arranged a Jauhar Ceremony and attempted suicide all together rather than to be disrespected by Babur’s Army.

9) After this battle, Chanderi came under the complete control of Babur.

10) No Rajput after The Battle of Chanderi dared to challenge Babur.

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Set 2

1) The Battle of Chanderi was the result of the Battle of Khanwa and took place right after 1 year of the latter’s occurrence.

2) Babur heard that after escaping from the Battle of Khanwa, Rana Sanga is again preparing for a Battle with him.

3) Babur knew that Medini Rai is one of the strongest supporters of Rana Sanga in any battle.

4) The Battle of Chanderi was just to kill Medini Rai and debilitate Rana Sanga.

5) The fortress of Chanderi was surrounded by high mountains so Medini was sure that Babur can’t attack him.

6) It was also impossible for Babur to cross the mountain and reach Chanderi with Elephants, Tanks and heavy Weapons.

7) So he decided to cut the mountain and also did it in one night with the help of his Army.

8) The path made by the Army was enough broad to reach the fortress of Chanderi and is still available in Chanderi that anyone can visit.

9) Although the power and Army of Medini Rai were very few than that of Babur yet he didn’t fear and decided to fight till the last.

10) Women and children killed themselves by Jauhar Custom and Babur got nothing even after victory.

The Jauhar of Chanderi is considered to be the biggest Jauhar in Indian History. It gives the insight of bravery of Indian Women. It also faded the joy of victory of Babur and was clearly seen on his face. It is yet not clear whether Medini Rai died in the battle or not. Some sources indicate that Medini Rai didn’t die in the battle. He was alive and accepted the subjection of Babur. The Battle of Chanderi gave an extensive result and many other Rajput kings surrendered and accepted subjugation to Babur. Now, a vast part of north India was under the rule of Babar.