10 Lines on Battle of Khanwa

Babur was a very ambitious emperor. Defeating Ibrahim Lodi and winning the First Battle of Panipat encouraged him to capture some more important parts of India. The Battle of Khanwa is one of the very important wars fought by Babur. He was also well aware of the powers of Sultan that is why he participated in the Battle of Khanwa with strong preparation and enough Arms and Ammunitions.

Ten Lines on Battle of Khanwa

Set 1

1) The Battle of Khanwa was fought on 16th March 1527 at Khanwa place in Rajasthan.

2) The Battle was between Babur of the Mughal Dynasty and Rajput Rana Sanga.

3) The actual reason behind this Battle is still not clear.

4) Some sources suggest that Rana Sanga had promised to assist Babur in the First Battle of Panipat but he didn’t keep his promise so the war began.

5) While some other sources suggest that Rana Sanga also wanted to expand his Empire and it was the reason for the Battle.

6) After winning the First Battle of Panipat, Babur turned towards Afghans to break their rebels.

7) Afghans were familiar with the power of Babur so they went to Rana Sanga seeking help.

8) They incited Rana Sanga for war and also assured him of their support.

9) Rana Sanga was fighting with his army only while Babur also took the help of Arms and Ammunitions.

10) Finally, Rana Sanga was badly defeated and fled away from the Battleground.

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Set 2

1) Rana Sanga was another name of Rajput King Maharana Sangram Singh.

2) Rana Sanga was the strongest enemy of Babur.

3) Rana Sanga was fighting to expand his Empire while Babur was fighting to establish his empire in India.

4) Mahmud Lodi, the brother of Ibrahim Lodi was also in support of Rana Sanga and provided him his Army.

5) The Mughal Army faced many defeats in the initial encounters of the Battle.

6) Seeing the demoralization of his army, Babar worked patiently and provided many temptations to his army.

7) Rana Sanga was himself operating the Army from his Elephant.

8) At the last, Rajput lost the Battle and Babur created a history.

9) After the Battle of Khanwa, Kabul was no more his center of attraction for Babur and he became interested in Delhi and Agra.

10) With his victory in the Battle of Khanwa, Babur started a new era in India.

Rana Sanga was badly injured in this war but didn’t die. One of his supporters took him away from the Battleground and he later died of poison in early 1528. After winning the Battle of Khanwa; Babur accepted the title “Ghazi”. The Battle of Khanwa established the domination of Mughal. Thus the Mughal Empire was founded and the Babur became its founder.