10 Lines on First Battle of Panipat

There were three major battles fought in Panipat. The First Battle of Panipat was a very important battle that changed the entire course of history. It was a battle between two different dynasties in which one was fighting to establish its Empire while the other was fighting to retain it. The result of this battle was completely unexpected and shocked the whole world.

Ten Lines on First Battle of Panipat

Set 1

1) The First Battle of Panipat took place on 21st April 1526 in Panipat (Haryana).

2) The battle took place between Ibrahim Lodi of the Lodi Dynasty who was ruling Delhi and Babur who was the ruler of Kabul.

3) The Babur turned towards India because he wanted to expand his Empire.

4) Delhi was once the legacy of Taimur, an ancestor of Babur so it may be another reason for his invasion.

5) Ibrahim Lodi started this battle with Army 5 times greater than that of the Babur.

6) Besides a larger Army strength, Lodi also used many Elephants in this Battle.

7) Although Babur had a smaller Army the use of tanks proved beneficial for him.

8) Despite using a huge Army, Lodhi could not defeat Babur.

9) The Battle finally ended in the favor of Babur.

10) With his victory, Babur laid the foundation of the Mughal Dynasty in India.

Set 2

1) The First Battle of Panipat is one of the few important Battles fought in Panipat.

2) It was the First Battle in Indian History which used Gun Powder and advanced weapons which were not introduced before.

3) The Mughal Rule in India was established with the First Battle of Panipat.

4) It was the First Battle in Indian History that was fought with the most powerful weapons.

5) Babur also took help of his two proficient shooters ‘Ustad Ali’ and ‘Mustafa’ to win this Battle.

6) He distributed the robbed property among all his Military Officers, Relatives and servants.

7) The First Battle of Panipat is also mentioned in ‘Baburnama’ written by Babur himself.

8) According to Baburnama, the strength of Babur’s army was only 12000.

9) Babur also looted the Kohinoor Diamond and gifted to his son Humayun.

10) With the victory in this Battle, Babur declared “Now there will be no more poverty in Kabul”.

The First Battle of Panipat was not only the end of Ibrahim Lodi but the end of the whole Lodhi Empire. It completely changed the fate of India. With the end of the Lodhi Dynasty, a new dynasty called the Mughal Dynasty was found by Babur. There were two more important battles fought in Panipat which were called The Second Battle of Panipat and The Third Battle of Panipat.