10 Lines on the Battle of Chausa

Indian history has many turning points and all the turning points were caused by a number of battles. Every Battle started a new era and the next battle ended with starting another era by establishing a new empire that is why Indian History comprises many Empires. The Battle of Chausa is one of those important battles. Let’s read about it in detail.

Ten Lines on the Battle of Chausa

Set 1

1) The Battle of Chausa took place in the year 1539 at Chausa in Bihar, India.

2) The Battle was between Mughal ruler Humayun and an Afghan Pathan, Shershah Suri.

3) Shershah Suri was the strongest opponent of Humayun at that time.

4) Before the Battle, Shershah Suri sent an ambassador to Humayun who reported to Shershah the chaos of Humayu’s Army.

5) The Army of Humayun was suffering from the outbreak of Malaria.

6) Humayun, with his small troop, left for Agra.

7) On getting the news of his return, Shershah Suri decided to picket Humayun in the midway.

8) Shershah attacked in the dark night and killed every soldier of Humayun’s Army.

9) Humayun was badly defeated in the Battle of Chausa.

10) He ran away from the Battlefield and was able to save his own life.

We have created a 2nd set of 10 important points of facts and information on the Battle of Chausa. The set is meant to provide you all other important facts and information that were not discussed in the 1st set. The given few points of important facts and information will help students to write an effective and attractive essay, speech, article, and projects. So let’s start reading the 2nd set provided below.

Set 2

1) The one reason behind the defeat of Humayun in the Battle of Chausa was a mistake that he repeated many times.

2) Humayun became very careless, seeing that Shershah took control over Chunar, Banaras, Jaunpur, Kannauj, and Patna, etc.

3) While returning from Agra, Humayun divided his army into 2 parts, which was his biggest mistake because they were already very few soldiers.

4) Humayun also proposed a treaty with Shershah but the latter was not ready for it.

5) Humanyu’s camp was between the Ganga and the Karmanasa River and at a lower position that is why Shershah attacked in the season of Rains.

6) Humayun’s camp was flooded so all his artillery was defunct and a disorder was created in his Army.

7) The Battle of Chausa was the fall of Humayun and the destruction of his Army.

8) Humayun jumped in river Ganga to save his life.

9) The actual name of Shershah Suri was Sher Khan and he accepted the title of “Shershah” after winning the Battle of Chausa.

10) Shershah Suri also issued coins with his name after this grand victory.

The Battle of Chausa proved to be a very important conflict for Humayun and also for Shershah Suri. The battle resulted in the victory of Shershah Suri. The two main reasons behind the victory of Shershah Suri were the amazing guerrilla and defensive tactics adopted by him and the number of mistakes that were made by Humayun himself. The battle changed the history and Shershah Suri emerged as a powerful and effective ruler.

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