10 lines on Battle of Ghaghra

Babur was a ruler of Kabul but he was much attracted to India and wanted to establish his Empire here. At that time, Rajput and Afghan were the powerful rulers of India. Babur had a well-armored army of Elephants, Tanks and other advanced Weapons. He fought the Battle of Panipat, Battle of Khanwa and The Battle of Chanderi. Battle of Ghaghra was his last Battle which he had to fight to create a powerful Empire. Let’s read about Battle of Ghaghara in detail.

Ten Lines on Battle of Ghaghra

Set 1

1) The Battle of Ghaghra was fought in year 1529 at the side of River Ghaghra in Bihar state of India.

2) The Battle was fought between Babur and Afghans of India.

3) Mahmud Lodi, brother of Ibrahim Lodhi was leading Afghans in this Battle.

4) After getting the victory in many wars, Babur turned his interest towards Afghans of India.

5) It was the time when Babur was seeking expansion of Mughal Empire and Battle of Ghaghara was a part of it.

6) At that time, Mahmud Lodhi was the rightful heir of Delhi Throne.

7) From Chanderi, Babur headed towards Awadh and captured Lucknow.

8) Afghans and Babur with their Armies encountered one another at Ghaghra River in Bihar.

9) Afghans lost the Battle of Ghaghara and were brutally killed by Babur’s army.

10) Mahmud Lodhi was not killed but he left the Battleground and ran away.

We have provided enough information in the above set yet few important points are left. Let discuss them with the help of 2nd set provided on the Battle of Ghaghara. These points are created with important facts and information which may be helpful for everyone. These few selected lines are prepared in easy language so that the reader of any age can easily read and digest all the information provided. So what are you waiting for? Let’s go.

Set 2

1) The Battle of Ghaghra was the first Battle in Indian history to be fought not only on land but also in water (River Ghaghara).

2) When Babur was busy in fighting for Chanderi, Afghans conquered and captured Kannauj and Shamshabad.

3) Afghans now headed towards Agra and planned to capture it too.

4) Babur did not want Agra to be captured by Afghans so he decided to fight for it.

5) The Battle of Ghaghara was the last battle of Babur.

6) After the Battle of Ghaghra, Babar accepted the sovereignty of Bengal in a treaty with its ruler Nusratshah.

6) Now Babar had subjugated a major part of India.

7) Babur died of a certain disease on 26th December 1530.

8) He had declared Humayun his successor before his death.

10) After fighting and winning many important Battles, Babur had laid the foundation of the Mughal Empire.

Babur started his invasion in India with the Battle of Panipat and fought consequentially four battles. The Battle of Ghaghara was his last battle with the victory in which he established the Mughal Empire and started a new Era. Despite having relatively small Army, Babur conquered all the Battles because of his tactics and war skills.

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