10 Lines on Battle of Chandawar

The Battle of Chandawar was the result of First and the Second Battle of Tarain. Both battles were fought between Prithviraj Chauhan of the Chauhan Dynasty and Muhammad Gori of Ghurid Empire. Gori lost the First Battle of Tarain while in the Second Battle he was assisted by King Jai Chand of Kannauj and thus got Victory. Gori also wanted the possession of Northern Part of India which was under control of King Jai Chand and that was the main reason behind Battle of Chandawar.

Ten Lines on Battle of Chandawar

Set 1

1) The Battle of Chandawar was fought in the year 1194 in Chandawar, present-day in Firozabad.

2) It was a battle between Muhammad Gori of Ghurid Empire and King Jai Chand of Kannauj.

3) Jai Chand belonged to the Gahadvala dynasty and was the ruler of Kannauj.

4) Most of the sources claim that the Battle was in the favor of King Jai Chand.

5) The Army of Jai Chand was far superior to that of the Muhammad Gori.

6) Jai Chand was about to win the battle but an arrow suddenly hit his eyes.

7) Jai Chand fell off his Elephant and was trampled and died instantly.

8) He was so badly trampled that he was unable to be identified.

9) Jai Chand had a gold cap in his teeth and was identified by that after his death.

10) After the death of Jai Chand, his Army was helpless and the war ended with the victory for Muhammad Gori.

Set 2

1) The Battle of Chandawar took place in Chandawar which is in Firozabad and on the bank of river Yamuna.

2) Before being rivals in 1194 war, Jai Chand was a supporter of Muhammad Gori in Second Battle of Tarain against Prithviraj Chauhan.

3) Jai Chand supported Muhammad Gori in the second battle of Tarain because he had a rivalry with Prithviraj Chauhan.

4) Some sources also say that Jai Chand didn’t die, he just ran away from the battlefield but they do not provide any proof.

5) The King Jai Chand had the largest Territory at that time.

6) After winning the Battle, Gori captured all the Elephants of Jai Chand and stole his entire treasury.

7) With the victory in Battle of Chandawar, Gori got control over a large part of northern India.

8) After Battle Gori came to Varanasi where he plundered the Hindu temples, destroyed them and made Hindus his slave.

9) He also converted many Hindu temples into mosques.

10) The Gahadvala throne was later succeeded by Harishchandra who was the son of King Jai Chand.

The Battle of Chandawar was an important war of Indian History. It helped in establishing Muslim rule in India. The Victory of Tarain consequently the Victory of Chandawar also laid the foundation of Turkish Rule in India. For few next years, Gori was busy in fighting many wars in India and expanding his Empire while his assistant Kutubbudin Aibak was managing all his work as per his direction.

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