10 Lines on Kevin Systrom

Have you ever used Instagram? Of course, you might be using. It is the most popular photo and video-sharing website. Let’s read about its founder through some sets of 10 lines on Kevin Systrom. These sets below will entertain you as well as make you aware of his inspirational life journey.

Ten Lines on Kevin Systrom

Set – 1

1) Kevin Systrom is the co-founder of Instagram, the American online photo and video sharing platform.

2) He had born in Massachusetts of the U.S. on 30 December 1983.

3) He completed his schooling from Stanford University in California.

4) He graduated in Management Science and Engineering in the year 2006.

5) In the initial two years of his career, he was the product marketer in Google.

6) After resigning from Google, he joined Nextstop, a social travel recommendation website.

7) He founded Instagram with his two friends on 6 October 2010.

8) He married Nicole Systrom on 31 October 2015.

9) Kevin was the former chief executive officer of Instagram.

10) The current net worth of Kevin Systrom is 150 crores USD.

Set – 2

1) Kevin Systrom is a very successful entrepreneur in the United States.

2) Computer Programming was his hobby since his childhood.

3) The earliest computer programming was done by him at a very early age when he programmed his favourite Game.

4) Meeting with Pope Francis in 2016 was the most memorable moment for him.

5) His Instagram came out to be a very popular photo-sharing platform.

6) Kevin has also been the richest entrepreneur in the United States under the age of 40.

7) Around 25 thousand people started using Instagram since its first day.

8) He was the ‘Founder of the Year’ in 2012.

9) In 2015, he received the ‘CFDA Social Media Award’.

10) His wife Nicole Systrom is the CEO of Sutra, a biotechnology company.

Kevin had got his passion very early in his childhood. He followed it and made his dream come true at a very early age. It was his hard work and dedication that brought him in the top richest entrepreneurs in the United States. Since he can be an inspiration for anyone, everyone should read the sets above.

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