10 Lines on Arjun Malhotra

Arjun Malhotra is a popular industrialist globally famous for founding the Hindustan Computers Limited. He is not so much popular but a truly successful person. We have created some sets of 10 lines on Arjun Malhotra below. These sets will make you aware of his biography.

Ten Lines on Arjun Malhotra

Set – 1

1) Arjun Malhotra is a popular industrialist the co-founder of HCL Group.

2) On 7 January 1949, he was born in Calcutta.

3) His basic Schooling was done from St. Columba’s School and Doon School, both in Dehradun.

4) He also pursued a degree in Electronics and Electrical Communication in 1965 from IIT Kharagpur.

5) It was ‘Delhi Cloth Mills’ which he joined in 1970 and started his career.

6) He married to Kiran in the year 1971.

7) He co-founded Micro-comp Limited with his friends in 1975.

8) The Micro-comp later became HCL.

9) He has received many awards and recognitions for his outstanding services.

10) Currently, he is an executive council member of NASSCOM, IT, and BPO firms.

Set – 2

1) Arjun Malhotra is known as an aspiring entrepreneur in India.

2) He has been the vice-chairman of HCL Group.

3) His father served in the Indian Army while his mother was a doctor.

4) He was also the CEO of ‘Headstrong’, a company of the United States.

5) He is the father of a son and a daughter.

6) After co-founding Micro-comp, he became the Vice-President of it.

7) He founded TechSpan in 1998 and became its CEO in 2003.

8) He founded Magic Software in 2011, a software company.

9) Along with these, he also founded some educational institutions.

10) He received many awards such as the Albert Einstein Technology Model in 2001 and Dataquest Lifetime Achievement Award in 2018.

The above sets of 10 lines about Arjun Malhotra are short but helpful for you. With the collection of so much information about him, these points have made you aware of his life journey and achievements. Since the points are created in easy language, these points provide you with ease while going through them.

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