10 Lines on Dronacharya Award

Sports help us in living a healthy and stress free life. In olden times it was a very common phrase popular everywhere that “Sports won’t earn livelihood for you. It can be chosen for fun but not as a career”. But these words are not suitable for present era. Now a sport can get you fame, livelihood and also worldwide respect.

These can be achieved only if you are more than outstanding in your sport field. To perform best in our sport, we all need is a coach who shows us the right path to go ahead. Their success is directly connected to our success. Dronacharya Award is made to recognise those coaches and motivate them to continue the production of such great talents for the Nation.

Ten Lines on Dronacharya Award in English

Dronacharya Award is a very important Indian Award which is distributed in the field of Games and Sports.

Being an Indian, it is our responsibility to have some knowledge about this award. So we are providing here a set of 10 important points on Dronacharya Award.

The few selected and important facts given here will help you in understanding, how the Dronacharya award was established, to whom is the Dronacharya award conferred etc. So read the given few and important points and have fun.

10 Lines on Dronacharya Award – Set 1

1) Dronacharya Award was established and also distributed for the first time in year 1985.

2) Dronacharya Award is presented to the coaches in games and sports for their excellent performance.

3) It is also known as “Dronacharya Award for outstanding coaches in Sports and Games”.

4) Though, it is conferred every year, it is very important for a sport person to perform excellently for 3 consecutive years to be nominated for it.

5) This award is named after the great master ‘Guru Dronacharya’ who had advanced skills in military arts and weapons at the time of ‘Mahabharat’.

6) The Dronacharya Awards is presented every year by the ‘Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports’.

7) Coaches from Olympics Games, Paralympics Games, World Championship, Cricket, Commonwealth Games and World Cup are considered for this Award.

8) The awardees of the award are decorated with a Certificate, a statue of Dronacharya, a ceremonial dress, and some cash allowance.

9) The statue of Guru Dronacharya is made up of Bronze and looks very magnificent.

10) The cash allowance given for Dronacharya Award is Rs. 5 lakh.

We have created on more set of 10 important facts on Dronacharya Award. These points will help you in gaining some more information on Dronacharya Award. These few special lines are created in easy and simple language with basic words. This set will also help the students of classes 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th and other higher classes to write an Essay, Article, Speech or creating any other project on this topic. So read the given facts and evaluate yourself.

10 Lines on Dronacharya Award – Set 2

1) ‘The Dronacharya Award’ is sponsored by the Government of India.

2) The selection of awardees is made on the basis of nominations suggested by various Sports Federations, and States and Union Territory Governments.

3) The nominations are received only till the 30th April of the year of Award Distribution.

4) The received nominations are further sent for Doping clearance and other formalities.

5) Any sport person who has ever been charged for or being investigated for Doping or any other crime will not be considered for this Award.

6) A selection Committee consisting 10 highly acclaimed people from various sports fields thinks over valid nominations.

7) After successful evaluation, the committee sends the nominations to Union Minister of Youth Affairs and Sports for final acceptance.

8) Om Prakash Bhardwaj, Balachandra Bhaskar Bhagwat and O.M. Nambiar were the first to be awarded with Dronacharya Award for Boxing, wrestling and athletics respectively.

9) The Dronacharya Award cannot be distributed to more than five persons in a year.

10) This Award cannot be conferred to the same coach twice.

Many Awards in India recognize the sport persons for their extraordinary performances but Dronacharya Award recognizes those sports persons who have created these extraordinary performers. So this award should not rest beneath the other Sports Awards, in fact should be placed above all those. I wish India should have the best coaches in the world for many more years and Dronacharya Award should keep decorating them.