10 Lines on Adolf Hitler

Adolf Hitler born on 20th April 1889 in Austria was a German politician and founder of the Nazi party who established Nazism and rose to power as the Chancellor of Germany in 1993. He was a dictator. During his dictatorship from 1933 to 1945, he started the 2nd World War by annexing Poland in September 1939. He made his chance after joining the German Army during the 1st World War. He attempted a military coup to seize power in 1923 but failed and imprisoned. During his captivity, he had written the first part of his biography and his political manifesto "Mein Kampf" which means 'my struggle'.

Ten Lines on Adolf Hitler

Set 1

1) Before coming in power, Adolf Hitler was previously an aspiring artist who lived on a meager income, so he decided to stay in Vienna's shelters for the homeless.

2) Adolf was inspired by Protestant Reformation leader Martin Luther who was an ascetic and showed his abhorrence over the Catholic Church similar to how Hitler was raised Catholic but eventually hated Christianity.

3) Due to a mustard gas attack on his camp during the First World War, Adolf Hitler temporarily lost his vision and recovered soon spending a few days in the hospital.

4) The Nazi leader had various sicknesses and injuries, but one of the things the doctors diagnosed Hitler with is Parkinson's disease and it is believed that negative decisions during the 2nd World War were taken by him due to this disease.

5) Adolf Hitler was evil because he was responsible for the deaths of many people who were taken to concentration camps to suffer until their deaths but it is said that he never visited these camps.

6) Hitler might have hated Christianity later, but when he was young, he thought of being a priest.

7) With hundreds of his supporters and members of the Nazi Party, he tried to out-turn the Weimar Republic government in 1923 but failed in his mission and sent in prison for 5 years.

8) During the time of his imprisonment, he started writing his biography with the help of his friend Rudolf Hess and titled it "Mein Kempf".

9) During his reign, he arranged his government structure in the shape of a pyramid. At the top, he put himself and wanted obedience among his subordinates.

10) He committed suicide in the bunker where he was hiding from the Allies with his newly married wife and staff members on the 30th of April 1945.

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Set 2

1) Adolf Hitler was born on 20th April 1889 in Austria, Europe.

2) He was a famous Chancellor of Germany and a good orator.

3) He had a hatred for Jews and killed many Jews during the 2nd World War.

4) He had constructed many concentration camps and kept the war prisoners in these camps and tortured and killed them.

5) He criticized the Treaty of Versailles and believed that a curse on Germany.

6) He formed an organization known as the Nazi Party on the basis of his thoughts as a rebellion.

7) At first, he was known as Adol Shicklgruber, later on, his name changed as Adolf Hitler.

8) He was a big fan of Charley Chaplin thus imitating him he designed his mustache which became a brand later.

9) Around 60,000,000 people had lost their lives during the 2nd World war causing great damage to humanity.

10) He died in the bunker where he was hidden with his family members and reliable friends. They all committed suicide taking poison.

According to the Treaty of Versailles Germany was considered to be totaled responsible for the destruction and imposed to pay for the loss. Hitler protested and said the Jews and the Communists were the cause for Germany's defeat in World War I. In July 1932, the Nazis received about 40% of the vote and became the strongest party in Germany.

On January 30, 1933, President Paul von Hindenburg appointed Hitler the Chancellor of Germany. Under Hitler's government, called the Third Reich, there was no place for freedom. The government-controlled every part of one's life. Hitler used propaganda to transform the nation into believing his theory about creating the perfect Aryan or Nordic race.