10 Lines on Kali Puja

Kali Puja is a festival which is celebrated by the Hindus all over India particularly in the states of West Bengal, Assam, Bihar, Jharkhand and Orissa. It is also done on the same day when the festival of Diwali is celebrated but the difference is that Kali Puja is celebrated during night.

Kali Puja is also known as “Shyama Puja” or “Mahanisha Puja” and mostly the puja is performed in an unconventional way as compared to other deities’ worship. Goddess Kali is worshiped during night with tantric rites, mantras and rituals. During the worship, devotees offer Red Hibiscus or “Java Kusum” flowers and seek their blessings and protection.

Ten Lines on Kali Puja in English

We have provided ten lines on Kali Puja in English. After reading these lines you will know as what is Kali Puja, when Kali Puja occurs, in which states Kali Puja is predominant, when Kali Puja is done, with which festival Kali Puja coincides, how Goddess Kali is described, how Kali Puja is celebrated, what activities are done during Kali Puja etc.

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10 Lines on Kali Puja – Set 1

1) Kali Puja is a festival which is celebrated annually by the Hindus with devotional fervour.

2) The festival of Kali Puja occurs in the month of October/November every year.

3) Kali Puja is very popular in the states of West Bengal, Assam, Orissa, Bihar and Jharkhand.

4) The festival coincides with the festival of Diwali where Lakshmi Puja is done.

5) Kali Puja starts at midnight of ‘Amavasya’ and it continues whole night.

6) Goddess Kali is the fierce incarnation of Goddess Durga and is black in colour.

7) Goddess Kali is known as the protector from all the evils and gives boon to her devotees.

8) Goddess Kali has the power which can safeguard her devotees from negativity and death.

9) Various ‘pandals’ are erected and idols of goddess Kali are kept there for worship.

10) On this occasion, people visit different Kali temples at midnight to seek her blessings.

We have provided another set of ten lines on Kali Puja. After going through these lines you will find that what is the importance of Kali Puja, in which month Kali Puja is celebrated, on what time Kali Puja is celebrated, whose incarnation is Goddess Kali, how Goddess Kali is described, how people perform Kali Puja in their home, what people offer during Kali Puja etc.

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10 Lines on Kali Puja – Set 2

1) Kali Puja is celebrated annually by the Hindus mostly in West Bengal, Assam, Orissa, Bihar and Jharkhand.

2) As per the Hindu calendar, the festival of Kali Puja occurs on the no moon day of the Kartik month and in October/November month as per Gregorian calendar.

3) Kali Puja is observed during the night of Diwali as the time period and rites and rituals of Kali Puja are just opposite to other festivals.

4) The main deity of this festival is Goddess Kali who is the fierce incarnation of Durga, totally black in colour and aggressive in appearance.

5) Goddess Kali is the main deity of the people who follow the tantric and occult practices as she is the destroyer of every kind of evil.

6) Goddess Kali protects her devotees from all kinds of negativity, evils, misfortunes and even death as she is considered as the largest form of power.

7) On the night of Kali Puja, people clean their houses, place idols or pictures of Goddess Kali and light up dhoop, diyas and perform “Chandi Path” in front of her idol.

8) On the occasion of Kali Puja, ‘pandals’ are built in the city and various shapes of idols of Goddess Kali are kept and worshiped with devotion and gusto.

9) In order to seek her blessings and protection, people visit Kali temples during night to worship goddess Kali there and chant the mantras dedicated to her.

10) Devotees offer many things in the form of ‘Bali’ or sacrifice including animal sacrifice but with the spread of education and humanity people offer only vegetarian stuffs.

We have provided the 3rd set of 10 lines on Kali Puja below. The set is prepared in easy language and with some basic words so that the reader of any age can easily read and understand each and every point. The set will be helpful for the students to create any project on the topic. The given few points will also make them to prepare a speech on the topic. So let’s start:

10 Lines on Kali Puja – Set 3

1) Kali Puja is an important Hindu festival celebrated during the festival of Diwali.

2) Kali Puja is observed on Amavasya during Diwali.

3) The rituals of Kali Puja has mainly originated from West Bengal.

4) People bring the sculpture of Maa Kali in their homes to worship.

5) The sculpture is beautifully decorated and people gather around it in the evening.

6) They jointly sing the song for the Goddess and offer her different dishes prepared for her.

7) Goddess Kali is considered to be the protector from evils and darkness.

8) People visit their relatives to pray Goddess Kali together and wish for their good luck.

9) Kali Puja makes people to be together, celebrate together and live with harmony.

10) In Bengal and Assam, Kali Puja is the biggest festival being celebrated annually.

Another set of 10 lines on Kali Puja is given below for the readers to make them aware of the auspicious occasion. Kali Puja is a very important event during Diwali and the provided 4th set will help the reader to understand the importance of this great festival. So let’s not make any further delay start having a view on the given set.

10 Lines on Kali Puja – Set 4

1) During the month of October November, Kali Puja has great importance in Hindu’s life.

2) Kali Puja is also popularly known as Shyam Puja or Mahanisha Puja.

3) West Bengal, Bihar and some parts of U.P. are the places where Kali Puja is celebrated grandly.

4) Kali Puja is celebrated on the same day when Lakshmi Puja is also observed in some parts of India.

5) People decorate a local Pandal and set the idol of mother Kali in them to worship.

6)  The grand Pandals are mostly structured in the Kolkata.

7) Tantric find this day suitable to practice their Mantras and other rituals.

8) Placing an idol of Goddess Kali in homes is considered to be a very spiritual act.

9) People offer Goddess all that they can like different kinds of prepared sweet dishes.

10) Worshiping the Goddess in the evening feels the devotees an immense satisfaction.

Goddess Kali looks so fierce yet she is very kind towards her devotees. She is the demon slayer and her ferocious and aggressive look protects her devotees from all the evils, negativity, bad aspects, misfortunes and even from death. It is believed that anyone who worships Goddess Kali with full devotion and fervour, his wish is definitely fulfilled by the deity because though she looks fierce but she is always liberal to her devotees and showers her blessings on them.

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