10 Lines on Jingle Bells

You must be familiar with the song ‘Jingle Bells’. Yes, it is the same song that we often hear on the occasion of Christmas. It won’t be wrong to say that Jingle Bells is a happy tune because it decreases our stress and fill us with some joy for a while. It is so frequently played on Christmas Day that it seems like it is the official song of Christmas but it is not so. The truth is quite different. Yes, you heard it right. There are many things to know about the melodious song ‘Jingle Bells’ that you can learn through going the sets below.

Ten Lines on Jingle Bells

Set 1

1) Jingle Bells is an American song popular in the whole world.

2) The song was written by James Lord Pierpont in 1850.

3) Jingle Bells was published in the year 1857 with the title ‘One Horse Open Sleigh’.

4) The song was intentionally written for the ‘Thanksgiving’.

5) The song is about the horse having a bell tied in the neck and walking through the snow.

6) Lord Pierpont was made the ‘Songwriters Hall of Fame’ for writing Jingle Bells.

7) On 16th December 1965, Jingle Bells became the first song to be broadcast from Space.

8) Jingle Bells was played in Space by Astronauts Wally Schirra and Thomas Stafford while orbiting Earth in Gemini 6.

9) The original lyrics of the song were somehow different from those in the trend at present.

10) The song was first performed by Johnny Pell in Boston in the year 1857.

The 2nd set of 10 lines on Jingle Bells is created with a few other important and special points to enhance your knowledge. The easy language of the set makes it useful for the reader of lower classes as well as higher classes too. You can also create an essay or speech on Jingle Bells by adding these points and it will help you in putting some positive impression on the audience.

Set 2

1) Jingle Bells is the most famous song for Christmas Day.

2) The song was published by ‘Oliver Ditson and Co.’.

3) Jingle bells poem was first recorded on an Edison Cylinder in 1889.

4) Initially, the Jingle Bells song was mostly played as a drinking song in parties and functions.

5) In the first verse of the song, the writer is riding a horse in snow which has a bell tied in its neck.

6) In the 2nd verse, the writer was joined by a little girl and apparently he loses his control from the horse in the mid-way.

7) In the 3rd verse, the writer falls off the ground and other people start laughing at him.

8) Finally, in the last verse, the writer asks his friend to help the girl and bring some faster horse.

9) Since the song was written in autumn so it was made to be played on the autumn festival ‘Thanksgiving’.

10) Jingle Bells is still the favorite song of kids to perform on Christmas Day.

So what we came to know that though it is the song to be played on Christmas Day yet it was not made for that. The song was written with some other purpose.  However the song changed its destiny, it completely suits to be played on Christmas Day. I compliment those who played it on Christmas for the first time because they didn’t know that the pattern would be adopted by the whole world and the song would become popular as a Christmas Song not only in America but in the whole World.

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