10 Lines on Bible

Every existing religion has some ancient literary works to portray the history, origin, importance, teaching and other valuable information related to that religion. These literary sources are called religious scripture. Such a religious scripture is ‘Bible’. Bible is associated with the religions of Christianity and Judaism. Bible is a detailed scripture with exact information. It is said that the Bible was written by God. Let’s study some important things about the sacred Bible.

Ten Lines on Bible

Set 1

1) Bible is a sacred religious scripture of Judaism and Christianity.

2) The Bible has consisted of 2 testaments as the ‘Old Testament’ and ‘New Testament’.

3) The Old Testament is slightly larger and a collection of the covenant between God and Hebrew people.

4) Bible is based on what God has done for human and how human has reacted to it.

5) The Old Testament describes the stories of the creation of the universe by God, the Jewish states and their relationship with God, etc.

6) The New Testament contains Jesus Christ’s biographies, preaching and dissemination of religion by his disciples.

7) The 4 gospels of the New Testament are the Gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke and the Gospel of John.

8) The time taken to write the Old Testament was about more than 1000 years while the New Testament had taken about in 50-75 years.

9) The textual source of the Old Testament is named ‘Hebrew Bible’ or ‘Tanakh’.

10) The original Bible was written by 40 writers collectively.

Another set of 10 lines on the Bible is created by us for the reader. The set is prepared with some additional data that can help the reader to gain some other information on the topic. We have used easy language in creating the set is to make it useful for the reader of both, lower classes as well as upper classes, and the set can easily be read and understood with all the points given. So let’s read the second set for more knowledge about the Bible.

Set 2

1) The earliest Bible is of the 4th century and is preserved in the Vatican Library.

2) The word ‘Bible’ is taken from Greek which means ‘the books’.

3) Archaeology has proved that the information in the Bible is historically true.

4) The Old Testament, written in Hebrew and Aramaic, contains the mythological stories of Judaism.

5) Bible has divided into 66 parts of which the Old Testament has 39 parts and the New Testament has 27 parts.

6) Bible has been translated in more than 2800 languages by now.

7) Bible is a perfect combination of history and science.

8) All the predictions made through the Bible are turning to be true.

9) It took about more than 1500 years for 40 writers to complete the Bible(Old Testament and New Testament).

10) There are a total of 23,145 verses in the Old Testament and 7957 verses in the New Testament of the Bible.

Bible contains information about such objects and incidents that were almost impossible to be predicated in those times. Even the Bible has made some predictions for the future also. Bible is the most sold scripture in the history of the world and it contains all those manners which we can accept to live an influential and stressfree life. Bible spreads humanity and everyone should read it at least once in his/her life.

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